Snippet of Time

just a snippet of time,
cut like a diamond.

memories collected in patchwork collage,
stuck with the glue of love,
warped by rain of grief.

colors spoke stories in faded smiles,
raptured by trials,

captured in pages we made just to hold on to the un-holdable.

just a snippet of us,
shared only with pages in the dark.

what is it about now that we don’t want to see?
so many past nows we’d rather have.

parchment crinkles with each turning moment.
unnumbered days marked by captions we saved

to grasp, to sort, to puzzle-solve, to make sense
of torn time, snippets of what’s worth remembering

now falling out. the love dried up.
fluttering to a dusty floor
leaves of life die
in time

and no one left caring.
no one has any glue.


~ Emily C.




the woodsmoke of your soul
seeps deep into my skin
it follows my every move
i turn away within

there — again it lingers
pungent puncture of cold
pine air, of vacant love
toasted with scent of heart
of combustive heat that burns
i walk faster
until my breath runs
to forget

is a fool’s errand
— it seems strongest
when stepping over threshold

of home, just when i think
i’m farthest,
but maybe,
getting closer.

eyes shut
nose to flesh
i inhale


~ Emily C.



a love atmospheric
a loss catastrophic
high ride to sky
fast dive to die
he rose me

he rose me
above all others
on a back strong I flew
below brown earth
rusted heart fell

a love atmospheric
a loss catastrophic
high ride to sky
fast dive to die
he rose me

he rose me
buoyed on sweet words
cut down by bloody swords
downed as injured bird
swoon to free fall

a love atmospheric
a life entropic
built up to stars
steep descent to hell

he rose me

to fell me

~ Emily C.


Dark on Dark

trees bow
in humble prayer
wind muffled
by boiling water
dark on dark
dance past glass
thoughts stir
as night does pass

i stand alone
by kitchen sink
swirl honey
into my drink
you are gone
again from here
alone with night
my heart blurs

another season
turns tonight
beside my scars
i’ll sleep tight
star in dreams
i’d rather live
wake to day
alone again



~ Emily C. 11.14.17



Skipping Stars

standing at shoreline of cosmos’ ocean
skipping stars
skipping stars like diamonds
skipping stars like diamonds in a cup of black tea
reading floating leaves that Venus pours us
predicting how tomorrow’s constellations may shine
ruminating on why it hurts
ruminating on why it hurts to see rising sun 
finding solace in moon the forgotten guide
dipping broken
dipping broken toes
dipping broken toes in swirling black holes
wondering whether to stay or to succumb
deepening gaze on shimmering stellar haze
tossing another star
tossing another star to gamble the game
forgetting why this very here and very now
remembering you
remembering your echo
remembering your echoing
remembering your echoing name
remembering your echoing
remembering your echo
remembering you

standing at shoreline
standing at shoreline of cosmos’ ocean
standing at shoreline

~ Emily C.



she makes herself invisible
so he doesn’t speak,
seek her out like
a missile.

no where to hide
except under
layers and layers
of clothes, hats,
smiles aimed
at no one in particular;

used one too many times
she turns on a dime
now, keeps the door
in her sight 
at all times, just
in case leaving
is her only escape
when she’s feeling
out of excuses,
or sick of being
a target.

why not
eat another pastry,
gain another pound?
another defense
against attention.

oh how many ways
there are to hide
when you’ve been
found by 
the wrong kind…

you learn.


~ Emily C.



tread gingerly
upon this heart,
its bruised meat
tells the tales:
each i love you
leaves a scar,
hellos left marks
in torn goodbyes.
tread with care,
leave nothing here,
save maybe a kiss
to heal heart’s fear.
so, gingerly i breathe,
inhale the risk,
it burns…that light
in my dark abyss…

~ Emily C.