Now is it time, Congress?

It’s not a black and white issue.

It’s mental health.

It’s security.

It’s access to guns that no one needs access to.

It’s a Congress who happily takes contributions from the NRA and in return they are lax on regulations, repeal existing regulations, sit and twiddle thumbs, wait for it to go away…until the next time.

Money is king.

Our children should not have to fear going to school.

Parents should not have to bury their children.

People should be able to enjoy concerts without fear of raining bullets.

When the 2nd Amendment was enacted, the type of guns available shot a couple rounds. The possibility of someday there would be an automatic rifle designed to cause the most carnage in the shortest amount of time was not even conceivable.

This is not a time to debate anymore. This is time for action.

When is it time?

Many yesterdays ago.