another day buried
choking in the news
suffocating on the soot
of a government’s taboos

another day of tragedy
senseless spilling of young blood
watching survivors revolt
watch politicians run

their mouths cannot tell
the truth to save their lives
money in the bank
NRA decides who dies

fuck the ones who pander
who welcome slaughter to distract
how many youth have to pay
for your 2nd amendment “right”?

a right to own an automatic
was never on the list
framers meant slow-load muskets
no hellfire of raining bullets

rise up young ones, we need you!
your voices fly above!
the world can only change
if we demand it does!

use the tears you shed
as oil in the lamp
never settle for their no
or a generic rubber stamp

it’s time to say enough!
there is no excuse that makes
the money grubbers’ arguments
stand up to moral gates!

shout until they hear you!
scream until they hide!
we have got your backs —

all of us must fight!


~ Em C ~