The Flowers and You

as spring daffodils lean reaching heads sunward,

turn your rain-stained face toward me.

sunflowers, daisies, shamrocks — aching for some distant light…

your sun, your radiant heat I’ll be.

even in looming dark, under pregnant clouds, obscured by curling fog,

they know the precise angle of aim;

you’ll find me here, perched beam in a steady old-growth tree,

waiting for your uplifted gaze.

their opening petals yawn wide

as your eyes, searching for an outstretched ray.

a blind kind of faith, the flowers and you;

when life has led you astray…

just turn your chin to the shelter of sky,

and you’ll find me there shining your way.

~ Em C.





To Moor

She would not be a willing witness

To his inevitable shipwreck fate

Despite the warnings, he sailed away

Straight into that electric storm

She threw him buoys and rings and ropes

He followed the siren’s song

Throngs of others hollered

From the edges of the dock

“Watch out for hidden dangers

For weeds and toxic spots

Eating at your hull

Rotting your heart and guts”

She opted not to jump in after

When the effort to save him failed

She would not watch him sink

Not flounder, nor succumb

The messages were clear

The traps ahead laid bare

The storm drew him in

Its magnetic lure

But if he manages to survive

She’d meet him back on shore

She’d dry his tears and provide for him

Her shoulder upon which to moor

~ Em C.