Small Sunsets

stood on deep puddle banks
lost in a turning world
i routinely fled

far from a universe
where days made sense,

flung into waves
of timeless days

(round and round…

no difference.)

i kicked an apple fallen
from a forgotten tree
i didn’t forget.

neglected fruit spoiled;
their last glory
small sunsets
in the glassy pavement

that only one
to observe,

to ponder diving:

the shallow
would catch me,
the apple would feed,
the water would

no one would stop
for me.

~ Em C. 11.29.18


Paper Skies

paper skies parted
drenched the earth
in unread epochs

underfoot the percussive crunch
of discarded diaries
written in the margins
away from prying eyes
never meant for view
stashed on heaven’s highest shelf
until bursting through

thick-soled boots wander numb

missing a table of contents

only dog eared corners
where to wait
for the next bus
to the next town
with clear skies

and a pen

~ Emily C. 11.27.18

Echo Chamber

echo chamber brain
lulled wide asleep again

hibernating in the rain
lost in circular refrain
— i took the portal

followed the silence
found the right hole
and dove.

made myself unmissable
while i healed myself
in dirt
and dying flowers

i unwrote my story
being written by others

made myself blank
my words white

and spread out
lost colors

only in the dark.

~ Em C. 11.21.18