Words flee paper cage

Fly autumn sun’s downy wings

Silence in beauty

~ Emily C.


*photo mine.






Color catches eye

Autumn takes center stage now

Slipping summer’s grip


~ Emily C.





All photography mine. Took my Rebel to the lake today for some “real” photography, in part inspired by Meg’s earlier post. I had been neglecting my camera camera. Beautiful day for it.

And of course, there would be a flamenco couple dressed to the hilt having their professional photography done on the dock. Stunning garb and so beautiful when she spun her skirt.


Scored these at a sidewalk sale. I’m pretty impressed with my first attempt. Quite profound for a dice game! You roll all of the the dice, and the cubes with the red sets up the subject. Then you write your haiku using the words on the top of the cubes.

Also, I’ve come down with a head cold, so I apologize for not being here much on top of the last couple weeks of stuff. Poetry soon, though…I feel it brewing.