I was the one you loved
but oh God, I couldn’t bear its truth —
to know you would
love me through
the worst

when only the best
is what I wanted to give you
when my weakest
was all I had

how could I fall
the way I had to
how it was coming, like it or not,
knowing you would
want to catch me

you see
I am uncatchable, 

you, the warrior knight
never did I want to hurt you
through my hurt
through my certain demise
through not letting you love me

(better you don’t —

better you find a reason
to hate me)

as I will love you
from safe distance
far from where my pain

might taint the treasure

of your heart

~ Emily C.



now my eyes can only see cosmos
when they are closed
visions of eternity design frescos
in spinning stars

behind cloak of sight
comfort in their disarray
I am in control of my night
the only place chaos is calm

to park my mind for a spell
lose myself, willingly
…would it be so bad
if I left this hell?

hell that tries to pass for life
all that is steady evades
mocking my drifting strife
grasping in vain, slipping away

nothing is as it seems
but when eyes
planted shut within a pretty place

are closed so very tight:

I could be still
cosmos swirls

~ Emily C.


As Rain Falls

As rain falls dripping chapters
I read between descending spheres
Reflections captured in glass globes
Past fortunes interpreted as dreams

As dreams fall in misty memories
Caught in wandering wistful eyes
Clouded by what could have been 
Flooded by lost pasts, I cry

As tears overflow heart’s garden
Sky and salty brine combined
Long dormant buried wishes
Sprout forth in fertile soil’s palm


~ Emily C.



clouds speak for me my stories
when mind can’t make the words
they roll in curling narratives
lofted high on winds seaward

billowing in grayscale pain
they gather under distant stars
in darkness harkens beauty’s rain
drowning, drifting, away, afar

their thunder breaks my silence
read them, dear reader, read them
one day you’ll find me again, writing
on dry shoreline’s clean slate sand


~ Emily C.


So Frame Me

wilted like the plucked flower
off a tree, dying on the stem
color bright in death throes
one last glorious show

you kept me in a book
shaken and mistook
flattened by your game
you stole from me my name

claimed trophy of your escapades
prize of love commandeered
wanted poster memorialized
my heart dehydrated in time

fragile now, these petals crack
veins that once beat blood back
responding to your poisonous voice
lured to an end not of choice

so frame me in herbarium
categorize me in collection
then take me out to share
after all, why else am I here


~ Emily C.



simmering skin, night of succulent sin
lit by dark lamp’s phosphorescence
long after switch turns off
glowing just enough
to see outlines — fiery flesh designs

an aura of molten gold traces glittered shoulders
lips and heaving hips
in orgasmic arrays of photonic display
filling holes where mind roams
when reference removed
all but body lines bared 

daring to dance to unseen audience
deeper entranced, deeper ensconced
until no one knows
where I end 
and you begin


~ Emily C.


Slower Road

I will take the slower road with the view
not the faster without
the winding over the straight
hills over the flat

You will catch me gazing along horizon
rainbow sunset mountaintops
go ahead and pass me
we will meet at the same light, stopped

We travel together to a similar place
but I will have experienced the world
while you have experienced pace

life’s gold passing your window
in shutter’s click captured
frame by frame it blinks
in escaping time’s fleeting

you bypass the here
to shave a second off
of there

I will take the slower road with the view
not monotonous rat-racetrack
ocean over asphalt
endless sky intact

~ Emily C.