Walking in an upside down world

walking in an upside down world

deceptive calm before the storm

pregnant sky’s belly roiling

the fish seek their holes


time chokes on repeat

a skip in the record of space

passing smiles born to defeat

feet run a going-nowhere pace


tick but no tock

wait until it opens wide

catching on the devil’s hook

nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide

~ Em C. 12.14.18


{photo by me}


To ask the world

To ask the world:
is love too much to ask?

has hate defined our past
so much that we forgot
human is human
is human?

the skin, religion, gender we wear
clothe red hearts that beat the same

that cry and grieve the same
that hope and fear the same
that love and die
the same…
with a kiss, a last gasp

and here we are fighting. 
for what?

aren’t we
neighbors on this big rock?
under the same sky,
wishing on the same
stars light, stars bright?

how i wish someday

peace would prevail;
one vote
at a time.

~ Em C.

What is a night without a kiss

what is a night without a kiss
the touch of skin withdrawn
an empty half untended
an unwrinkled pillow sham

dreams provide the company
to live amongst the realms
where anything is possible
where anyone offers arms

what is this life without a love
a station for thine heart
walking with a frozen hand
unanchored in roaming earth

what is a night without a kiss
a coldness in lonely home
as time grows old in raindrops
and wrinkles unchecked grow

~ Em C. 12.11.18


retrospective gazing
at a life’s night that lost
itself in parchment phases,
my head

turned your memory
into wormhole scrapbooks
mocking long-lost destiny,
lessons learned one-by-one
in glue stick plastering,
mapping glossy mistakes
in page-numbered time,

the cold sorcery of pictures
posted in behind-the-back
finger-crossing finery,
dressing up camera ready
fragile smiles
with never-to-be dreams,
soon cracked to shattered bits
by the hammer
of reality

~ Emily C.

I Was Color

I warned you I was color.
play unbridled.

that I was bright light and moonlit dreams.

I warned you
that my energy
was a star
that maps could not chart.

winding-road runner,
seeker of everything far.

cool milk down the throat
butter melting on the tongue
salted chocolate laughs
and heat-seeker heart

I stopped flying
so I could meet you on the ground.
a stunned robin lost in your brush,
I amputated my wings on your dead love.

I am the spark

you need,
yet deny
until snuffed.

I warned you I would live.

I didn’t know
it would kill me.

~ Em C.

December Arrives (Asleep in its Coach)

Awaiting by lone rural crossroads
near fields where I planted my seeds
not but a handful of months ago
now death marks these plots with weeds

December arrives asleep in its coach
ushered by dark steeds a-clatter
their manes matted with felled fall
jowls dripping strawberry summer

Not a wink nor a nod does it offer
no notice of where it has been
a nudge will not loosen its slumber
a clap will not awaken it free

Its usual somber somnolence
ices my veins with a chill
despite its expected arrival
never prepared am I for it still

Offers of hearth, soup, and blanket
my wary guest eschews them all
it wants nothing of creature comforts
but wants everything alive
as last year’s toll

~ Emily C.