Faux Stars

your face now returns
in violin cries
your name I played
on these piano keys
the sound of your
movie-theme love
set to words
you scripted me

camera rolling over
big screen fields
sitting alone in
my leather chair
observing a romance
we had wished
knowing reality
was far from fair

close these eyes,
the torture hurts
drape the screen
and up the lights
this silver dream
you wrote
cut my heart
like a jaded knife

aim the spotlight
elsewhere now
your exit showed me
who you are
what you wanted
to take from me…
you knew I’d give
no second thought

so blame this fool
for believing
the prettily painted lies
the sickly sweet honeyed talk
the glittered kisses
from your faux stars


~ Em C.



Solid Home

darkness cloaking
rocking sea —

just time, the salt,
and bobbing me

no horizon
but moonlit crests

no sense of where,
or whether at rest

blindly floating
on night’s wet wings,

cradled on surface,
iron whale swims

faint outline separates
black hill, silk sky

prayer hands reach out,
an atheist’s cry

a star above distant land
shimmering death

mine eyes anchor 
to its flickering message

I follow the light
until stormy sea settles

trace it as I weather
my tossing vessel

no horizon
but one shining dot

calling a sinking soul back
to solid home 



An Only

I understand Emily.

brown recluse in rafters
drawn to darkness’ solitude
— an only among many.

tongue trapped by paper cages,
she, a medium of earth,
mercurial heart, curious soul

I understand Emily,

shy baker and her basket,
thirsty quill and parchment,
waking dreams, nightly visions…

oh, how snow may speak!
draped on window peaks,

I understand Emily,

that retreat is not defeat,
incubating philosophies
as others walk wide asleep.

drawing this life in rhymes,
inhabiting animated mind
away from her time,

— alone with pen, ink dines.

I understand,


~ Emily C.



Surviving. I think. Sort of. Barely.

It’s snowing in Seattle as of about 3pm today. Our first white Christmas since 2008 when we had 10 inches. So far, about 3 inches has fallen but it’s only supposed to last a day or so…just enough for the holiday.

I hope you are all cozy and well and enjoying time with loved ones. If I’m not here much this next week, I will look forward to seeing you in January.

Happy and Merry everything, my friends. Thanks for your love and support.


(My front porch)


Raindrop ticks like a clock
Regular in its rooftop beat
Gently tocking seconds drip
Marking time as eyes drift to sleep

In morning light the day will wake
And so dissipate sound sleepers’ dreams
The liquid hands tomorrow will brake
Leaving less to signal night’s sly return

To wind the sky in tightened coil
Or rather assign the moon timekeeper
Who are we to command rainless skies
But entranced subjects of her tidal pull

~ Emily C.


Warning Signs

will you see my scars,

read them like my map?

trace fingers along

road trip to nowhere,


through my deserted past

pit stops for directions

idling soul sputters:

will you lock your door,

will you hit the gas pedal?

will my scars lead you home?

do they scare you

these marks of pain?

can you handle it,

can you stay?

will you love my scars,

will you collect my broken parts?

I’ve cut myself

on my own shattered heart…

will you ignore the warning signs?

can you take me

back to start?


~ Emily C.