What Horrors or Beauty

Water welcomes wayward soul
     beckons with its siren song
          holds secrets in dark depths below
undiscovered stories expired universes ago

Toes in travelled shoes tempt fate
     having walked along river’s bending banks
        into grass damp with spring’s new birth
feeling nothing urgent in moment’s blush breath

Pausing for a pondered thought
     when elusive thoughts have flown far fraught
          willing ink to spill from pens long abandoned
grasping words that slip from trembling hands

To peel off garments, to dive within…
     what horrors or beauty wait for me here?
          for one a near brother to the stark other;

safety on sand banks,
or truth naked and free?

~ Emily C. 


Virgin Heights

Blue mountains choke me with beauty

Circled ’round my sun-dappled neck

Studded with frozen pearls, unfingered,

Sharp fury skims virgin heights untouched

With epochs of earthquake stories

I’ll never hear, but I’ll see

Someday again, I’ll feel

~ Emily C. 4.21.16

*my photo of my view today

Cumulonimbus Kisses

supine along lakeshore line
tucked in cold front blanket
in water bed I sink and sway
rocked by a nautical lullaby

head reclines on lily pad pillows
where my bedmates…painted turtles
warmed by creeping milfoil fluff
wrists restrained by weedy stuff

drawn here whether or not my will
resigned to clouds billowing chill
watching blue sky’s disappearance
covered in cumulonimbus kisses

don’t try to save me
don’t try to wake me
in water bed I sink and sway
rocked by a nautical lullaby

~ Em C.


*Photo by me. No filter.

Still Stilts

I never tire of the Heron
Great Blue, grand bird
Still on the shore stalks
Breakfast in the morn

Calm killer
Collects morsels
Down they go, smooth
Perhaps a wriggle
In vain, they lose

And he waits
For his next course
Stealth ninja hides
On stilts,
Gray cloud feathers

Keen eye like eagle

I spy


~ Em C.


  • Photo by me