Hear Me Go

eyes closed indefinitely

candle flicker remains

moving through reality

blinded by silent pain

slowest fight imaginable

quiet like the mouse

no one within a radius

of 100 miles round

breathing with the fire

in lungs drown by air

taking steps in increments

without moving anywhere

alone in moments unnoticed

days go by in hiding

no one knows i’m naked

no one knows i’m dressed

if i stepped outside today

if i said hello

if i choked on a pill

no one would hear me go

~ Em ~



The Last Dying Star

your love is the last dying star

i can’t reach its fading light

grasping at the growing dark

ripping vast cavity into night

so far from glittered evening sky

we’ve come to find it empty

one by one fond memories die

lingering long words you left me

flicker till the blackness reigns

and all that’s left leaves misery

cold heart vacuum of this love

lost without celestial guide

your love was the very last star

i watched it fade away

as distance grew interminably

and with death met cursed day



The Gravedigger

the gravedigger crosses my path every morning
on the road bisecting the cemetery.
the casket pincers dangle
on the green John Deer
by the rope and the pails and shovels
darting between halves of plotted lawns
dotted with names no longer spoken
and where daisies upward yawn

cars pass on the oblivious highway

to jobs, to doctors, to cafes
to escape, full of worry
apathy, joy, disappointment
mad at the traffic jam
mad at the news
their wives/husbands/friends

road rage — life rage

while bodies sleep cold
beneath, expired

tired we drive
blinking numbly
at lights that tell us

to stop
go, stop

if we deviate
we lose time

but if we deviate
we gain life

the gravedigger reminds me
the cemetery waits

my breath cannot be wasted
unless I forget
I am alive

~ Em ~


Dead Skin

curling like the dead skin

collaring young birch

tempered by the cold wind

frozen earth’s church

whistle through the branches

listen for blank tune

cover ears with fabric

deny near spirits’ turn

baring headwinds’ anger

weighted with despair

gravel whittles bones

bare feet bleeding far

~ Em



*Photo by me.

The Gods Know I’m Coming

black and white naturally
stacked in mirrored mortality

no escape up above
down below opens wide

the gods know I’m coming

forever at the shore’s edge
flirting with the tide

dancing on the surface
ducks mock my human stride

the gods know I’m dying

always the eager greeter
the water opens up

never a locked entry
step into the watery brine

the gods know I’m trying

to see how far down it goes
ripples run fun house illusion

hands of lotus grab at toes
rendered helpless

down I go

~ Em


*Photo by me

What Messages

what messages the sky writes,
how we often ignore,
how they linger up above,
how far — how far we blindly go

before we tilt up downcast chins,
only awaken in raining verse?
when everything else dissolves;
when nothingness — the only force.

adrift in blackened matter,
calligraphic tomes stars etch
in speckled comet tails, we sputter,
ashore, we run our forlorn hearts

when all space becomes horizon,
stories told fall to scattered dust,
as fire burns to moon sand
and oxygen breathed expires.

what message the sky writes,
how quickly we seek to forget?
how now to fall awake asleep,
oh how we dream until death.


~ Emily C.


An Only

I understand Emily.

brown recluse in rafters
drawn to darkness’ solitude
— an only among many.

tongue trapped by paper cages,
she, a medium of earth,
mercurial heart, curious soul

I understand Emily,

shy baker and her basket,
thirsty quill and parchment,
waking dreams, nightly visions…

oh, how snow may speak!
draped on window peaks,

I understand Emily,

that retreat is not defeat,
incubating philosophies
as others walk wide asleep.

drawing this life in rhymes,
inhabiting animated mind
away from her time,

— alone with pen, ink dines.

I understand,


~ Emily C.