We, Ourselves

Found you hiding in my box of memories
like you never left me black and blue

your voice as clear as the day
you said goodbye

laugh as warm as our flirtation
the never-were childhood sweethearts
a past we wanted, framed imagination

I held it in my shaking hands
broken into pieces of dead dreams

that yellowed over time
our story’s type fading
you see,

…that was always the problem

with writing ahead

of one
l e t t e r
at a time

we decided the ending before we began

we wrote ourselves a lie
that…my god,
could have been truth

but only if we




~ Em C.




Wind chatters my bones
calls your lost spirit forth,
coded in my colors
a part of me, you warm me

Fate determined such
when it connected us
no option for no,
that magnetic flow…

our old souls,
fellow bedfellows
our auras blended
in universe’s palette


framed it –
set it prominently
upon the wall,

Stepped back to observe
the observers’ impressions,
their judgments…
and while they were distracted

played in rebellion

and when we parted
we knew, when the winds came

there was no staying apart
for we were,
and always will be:


~ Emily Clapper




Our Moon

The sun doth rise
‘neath dawn’s emerging skies
o’er you on the planet’s flip side
whilst your moon doth set
and my moon doth rise
‘neath the starry skies
on my flip side

Just as you inhale, I exhale
your eyes blink as mine, in sync
atop earth’s molten core
just as you soar, I soar
heading the same direction
chasing each other ‘round
just as you exhale, I inhale

We may never
catch each other
unless one of us
turns around…

and then our moon will rise
‘neath the starry skies
o’er our blinking eyes
our moon will rise

our moon will rise
our moon

until our sun doth rise
our sun will rise

our sun will rise
our sun

until our breath

is one



~ Emily Clapper



I dreamt a poem in my sleep last night…an entire one, quiet vividly. However, just as I was waking up, I could only grasp the lines “and the moon doth rise, ‘neath starry skies.”  Not sure if my conscious brain did dream brain justice here…but I’ll let them fight it out when I go to sleep tonight.  Oh, the brain. Such an interesting machine.

Meant-To-Be ~ A Duet

I hate these romantic flutters, beating frantic in my chest
Tonight those nervous rhythms, can’t seem to give it a rest
Why did I ever agree to take no phone number for this date?
The plan was to meet half an hour ago, I hope she’s just running late

An hour primping hair and ten different outfits, is my make-up okay?
I’m perspiring with nerves, thinking of him waiting for me to arrive
Rushing out, I fumble for keys, I forget my purse, finally leave
The drive is a blur, traffic buzzing past, I pass limit of speed…

Would I like to order? No I’ll wait, just another ‘second’ drink
I’ve never checked my watch so much, my heart begins to sink
Anxious feet dance under the table, trembling fingers are tapping
Is it the wrong place, time or day; lamenting all the blind planning

Running in the door, sweaty panting…where is he, did I miss him?
The host welcomes with a sympathetic smile, offers to seat me alone
Sure, I say…why not, I’ll wait, a bit relieved I wasn’t the last one here
Sitting myself down, I grab the menu, take a breath, scan the specials

I can’t bring myself to order any food; instead I nervously drink too much
After waiting this long and drowning my nerves I hope she doesn’t judge
Alcoholically infused musings that she showed up and didn’t find me attractive
The longer I wait here, the more that I drink, my mind spirals hyperactive

Tick tock, says Time, I stare at clocks mocking me, the wall they line
At least my appetizer was decent, stayed too long but thought he’d come
Now bereft of hope, I hastily pay and depart this place of rejected love
Toss tip on the table while head hangs heavy, I take my somber leave

Dejected, I check my phone for transport delays, nothing, I wonder if she’s okay
Has she got cold feet and actually stood me up, how unromantically cliché
I can feel the diners sympathetically stare and the wait staffs judging glares
Frustrated, I pay my bill and leave, put an end to this embarrassing affair

Sad stroll down the winding street, gazing down to plodding feet
Pondering now my time alone, and my heart’s certain defeat,
I spy a door to a quaint coffee shop, and decide to make a stop
Just as I reach for door’s handle, a tap I feel on shoulders’ top

Wandering aimlessly, head hung low, stung before I even had a chance
Why is it so hard to find someone to love and indulge in some innocent romance
Passing my favourite coffee shop, an enchanting creature at the door catches my attention
Tapping her gently on the shoulder, I discover we share the same jilted expression

Let me get that – he says, opening the door with gentlemanly courtesy
His other hand to my back guides me in, an electric zing – certainly
The only table available…seats two, I sit down and offer him the other chair
We lock eyes with a knowing known only by broken hearts’ affairs

Her eyes mirror mine, full of tearful regrets, but now dry regaining their sparkle
Swapping tragic tales, finding rescue from our nights, ever so romantically harmful
Have we been rewarded for our disappointing dates, is this woman my illusive soul mate
Without nerves or panic I ask to see her again, on her answer I confidently wait

Lightning struck, he asks that question preordained by the universe
This chance encounter anything but chance, out escapes a Please!
Undeniable instinctual attraction, this time I open the door for him
I know an excellent restaurant down the street, I say – 

So follow me, my Meant-To-Be


~ Cameron Hamilton & Emily Clapper (in italics)




If you haven’t had a chance to read Cameron Hamilton’s poetry, you should definitely stop by his page. He has such a talent for rhyming verse and story-telling in his poetry (some with surprise endings you’ll love!), as well as an open-hearted vulnerable romantic side that is all kinds of endearing. And he’s such a genuinely good guy on top of it. I thought it’d be fun to collaborate with him, and let him lead the way.  I just followed that lead and his idea and here is the result!

Plus, he smarter than me when it comes to audio splicing and he managed to put our voices together on a reading. You’ll love his Scottish accent. 🙂

Thanks, Cameron for the treat of working together with you!


Alternate You

In one universe…
a yes.

In the other,
a no.

A chance taken here,
same chance passed there.
Love pursued or love denied,
opposite from the other side.

In one universe
a kiss, the other a slap,
or perhaps two ships
passing in dark night.

A turn to the right or left
makes all the difference.
Destiny mocks prerogative –
our lives organized chaos.

Somewhere…another you exists,
choosing alternative opportunities.
In fact, every possible existence exists.

Which one are you living…?

would you do any different here, now…
would you say yes
would you say no
would you leap into a black hole
find the other yous
be another version…

or can you look in the mirror

and love right where you are…


~ Emily Clapper