As Rain Falls

As rain falls dripping chapters
I read between descending spheres
Reflections captured in glass globes
Past fortunes interpreted as dreams

As dreams fall in misty memories
Caught in wandering wistful eyes
Clouded by what could have been 
Flooded by lost pasts, I cry

As tears overflow heart’s garden
Sky and salty brine combined
Long dormant buried wishes
Sprout forth in fertile soil’s palm


~ Emily C.




Galing grayness
swirls of chaos
offshore power
aiming for us

Trees bemoan
their voices hold
ageless angst
held in too long

Rooted down
in permanence wishing
for impermanent roots
to walk earth longing

To cling to cliffs
high above watery
shores that lap in shifts
against millions of grains

Of sand that constantly settle
microscopic eroded time
under toes and bared breasts
warmed by sun’s beating line

And starlight from ancient times
sent from dying stars
or dead ones in dark parts
of the multiverse behind

Where satellites can see
where galaxies collide
in swirls of chaos
silently bursting outside

Our scope of existence
but existing nonetheless
and while we ponder hence
Andromeda stirs circling

The bigger galing looms
our human roots safe
until long beyond now
time ending in a pace

So slow we forget
our temporary place


~ E




Is Time

Stream of sleepy consciousness

Waking up to raining gusts

No longer knowing

What is real or just

Straddling the line

Of magnanimous


Dimensions between


Here there and in

Each corner of mind

Your voice speaks from

Thousands of miles

Beyond this time

Drifting behind heavy-lid eyes

Knowing that my now

Is your now

Is our now

Is time


~by Emily Clapper




Time elapses
unbeknownst to me
my mind escapes reality
the thoughts persist
with heavy insistence
that all I see
is nothing to me
but facades in mind’s mist
what I touch doesn’t exist
or maybe it does
but my ability lost
to discern fact
from fiction
a precarious notion
of the line…
the brink of sanity

where what is, isn’t
and what isn’t, is

I know not anymore
I flounder imploring
for something to grasp
the face of you perhaps
your hand, or is it mine
clinging fiercely to touch
something near me
that feels warm
that beats
the ghostly ether
mocks me
from beyond this dimension
taunting me with fiendish
folly, bony fingers point
cackle in my sight
can’t shake them out
of my head from doubt
the only question now

do I succumb or resist

but which way…

is which?


~ by Emily Clapper





Poem topic: “The edge of sanity” as requested by Eric on my post asking for open topic suggestions! Thanks, Eric! Great idea.  🙂  I hope you like it.



Peering through the attic door
wisps of ghosts and nothing more
a puff of what was then now gone
leaving nothing but the quantum song

How now to shut the gate
when memories fill the late
night of smiles kisses laughs
left to haunt the mind in halves

Climb the ladder, settle in
nothing can change what’s been
ectoplasm breaks the seal
to this dimension, more than real

Knowing what has passed
lets you see what is next
everything is energy, myriad norms
razor thin line to phantasm form

~ by Emily Clapper