Help Save Seattle’s Pearl Jam and Soundgarden Music History!


During this week of mourning for Chris, more sad news has developed. Yesterday the news reported that the building that houses the basement where Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains all practiced as young bands in the ’90s is going to be put up for sale on the market.

It is under the Black Dog Forge ironworks company.  For decades fans have flocked from all over the world to visit the space.  It is still being used as a practice space for bands to this day. In a city that is on development steroids, it will no doubt be purchased and destroyed unless the Forge can come up with enough money to buy the building itself.

There is a Go Fund Me page where donations are being collected. Any amount is appreciated and even if they can’t reach the necessary target, the money will still go to a good cause in helping Black Dog Forge relocate.

I am going to try and find a way to share this link on some Pearl Jam fan pages in hopes that it will spread like wildfire.  I hope Eddie is aware, too, but not sure how to bring it to his attention.

If you feel you can donate anything, please do. And even just sharing the link would be a help because others may want to contribute.  You can share the Go Fund Me link, the news articles, and you can reblog this post here on WP to reach even more.

Thank you for your support with this, and for your understanding as I work through my time of sadness. I hope to be back to normal programming in the near future. Love, Em.

Save Seattle Music History!! ~ Go Fund Me fundraiser page

Help Save Grunge Landmark Black Dog Forge ~ a longstanding practice space for icons like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam  ~ The Stranger, Seattle

Black Dog Forge Building to be Sold ~

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Seattle Fights

Seattle news conference


This is worth the watch.  (Skip to the start at 6:50)

If you need some kind of bolster to your hope meter…this was a live conference from Seattle’s mayor Ed Murray, and city council members in direct response to Trump’s outrageously prejudicial executive orders regarding immigration and his threats to ‘sanctuary cities’ who welcome immigrants and refugees.

Some important words spoken here, and it helped me feel like my representatives were fighting for all of us and that we are not alone. We will resist.

And today, I have donated to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, renewed my Seattle Times subscription, and subscribed to The New York Times, and will likely contribute to NAACP, Human Rights Campaign, a Muslim relief fund, and science and environment agencies.

I invite you to join me.  Resist. Resist often.

We can do this.