Some Fights

some fights are silent
some roars you can’t hear
some nights leave scars
some days birth fear

courage comes each sunrise
bravery in the dark
while you are sleeping pretty
I’ll be swinging a punch

in dreams, I plan my attack
which way to focus aim
how my feet will land
in morning’s sweet refrain

you run about your day
in automated normalcy
you think you know my way
while I confront my enemy

fear may fright my veins
and keep me on the cliff
but willingly I’ll face
my fate and my what-ifs

for only by standing fast
where I feel my very worst
can my faulty feet
learn to walk once again

some fights are mere moments
some roars are salty tears
some nights bring peace
some days birth falling heroes 


~ Emily C. 10.19.17


Shallow Grave

woke up supine in the forest pine
disoriented dizzy drunk…
how I got there, no memory
who I was or where
naked, cold
shuddering soul
lost far from home
but even that, now unknown
human form muddy, caked by decay
matted hair in waves of clay
maggots had made their home
on me, expediting fate of death
their fee, I saw my grave
that you must have dug
…if I could remember you
but no, not, never
in my mind
past your prime
my sense of love distorted
by years of heart callously contorted
handed out for dissection, consumption
by souls seeking destruction
little did I know my freeness
would seal my fate
trust betrayed
heart slain by hunters’ raid
pillaged in an extravagant display
where you were starring in your own play
I was there for your entertainment
when you were bored
but I must have
finally said no more
for here I am on forest floor
bloodied from the swing of mace
bones broken from a forgotten fight
but eyes open to arboretum’s canopy light
lost and languishing in love’s banishment
no name, no identity, erased for all eternity
but a survivor, free to start over
would I, could I
find my way

I lick my wounds

and head east…

~ Emily C.


Seattle Fights and Wins (& Limerick!)

Once there was a bully named Donald Trump

he built gold towers and sat on his rump

thought he’d kill Democracy

mocked and threatened Liberty

but Lady Justice gave him the face palm


~ EC



Gotta love my home city. Bravo to Attorney General Bob Ferguson and his team for suing Trump and DHS and winning! You can watch the ruling here by Federal Judge Robart. It’s almost painful to watch the Justice Department attorney attempt to defend something clearly unlawful and unconstitutional.  This judge is a Republican appointed by W in 2004. He shuts down the arguments with some clear facts that this attorney cannot dispute, but she tries.

And to wake up and hear that Trump’s appeal of the decision failed is wonderful news. Granted the courts will be dealing with the matter of ruling it unlawful and unconstitutional still, so it will be some time before it is settled fully.

No one is above the law, including and especially the president.

Some mixed blessings coming out of this debacle are:

1) we are seeing people coming out in droves to support charities, to protest, to learn more about our government and participate

2) we are seeing our democracy put to its ultimate test by a plutocrat/autocrat/tyrant/demagogue/fascist and we are seeing it fight back and reject attempts to dismantle the Constitution

Republicans are starting to condemn his actions and violent unsettling outbursts, his bromance with Putin …and now we need more and more of them to grow some spines and stand up for our democracy and what is right for the country and world.

One fight at a time.

Seattle Fights ~ II

Not only did my state become the first to sue Trump and DHS for the unconstitutional immigrant ban on Muslims, but today, my city of Seattle council just voted to divest $3 billion and cut all ties with Wells Fargo over their position as lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The vote was 8-0.

Proud of my community’s stance on and resistance to what appears to be a fascist coup in progress.

I have to say, the propositions to withdraw WA, OR and CA from the union and form a separate country called Cascadia, or join Canada, have never looked more tempting…and this is coming from a patriot who believes in defending the Union. But, of course, reality would make that hard.

Fighting as fast and hard as we can. Each hour matters as we can see from the barrage of damaging news coming from the capitol.



There lived a girl in a tower,
golden locks braided, dropped.
Awaiting rescue from a prince,
she spent her days locked up.

Hours of daylight passed,
staring wistful far and wide
into distances window-framed;
birds flit by on freedom’s wings.

Nights came with silence black,
her heart beat but doubted life.
Time cheated her of longed love,
but not for long, she fought back.

Cut her hair, changed her clothes,
her strength inside rebelling, glows.
Scaled herself down the cobbled wall,

And so, this fairytale ends,

she, her own hero.

~ EC



I was tagged for the prompt “fairytale” by a friend on Instagram. I decided on a little tweak to a classic. 🙂

Damage Report



Since January 20th, I have found it hard to concentrate on my “normal” writing. Each day, we wake up to the latest disastrous news on the Trump administration. These are not things I can pretend are not happening. I don’t pretend.

And as you’ve seen, I’ve started to address my opinion and feelings through my writing. I won’t only write on what’s going on, I will still write through my other inspirations, but I wouldn’t feel good about ignoring the giant elephant in the room. And come to think of it, that’s an insult to elephants because they are some of the smartest creatures on the planet, plenty smarter than a certain dictator in the Oval Office.

The latest on Bannon calling the media “the opposition” and telling it to “shut its mouth” is an abominably concerning development. First, of course the media are the current administration’s opposition, the media oppose lies and seek out the true facts. Trump and his flying monkeys are averse to the truth and facts. An educated populace is a threat to them. It’s how they coerced an entire under-informed population of Americans eager to follow him anywhere.

Every incoming Democratic or Republican party has worked with the press. Again, I reiterate…all of these developments should be of grave concern to ALL parties. The fact that anyone can defend him is beyond comprehension. Only looking through the lens of the manipulative abuse of a narcissistic psychopath can it be understood why they do defend him. I am friends with Republicans, some of them I consider quite intelligent people. But, the hard reality is, they’ve all been fooled and now they are too proud to admit their mistake.

Trump idolizes tyrants. He kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, according to an ex-wife. Now, this would be normal for a political scientist or historian, perhaps. As a political science major, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to read Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto and Rousseaus’ Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. That does not make me a socialist. It was my interest to study the workings of society and government contracts of all kinds.  Trump has never held a position of political power or office of any kind. He is a failed businessman, reality show host, a bad boss, con man, pathological liar, sexual predator, and hypocrite.

What is truly apparent and frightening is that he seems to relish the attention that the fear of his actions is bringing him. It seems as if he desires to emulate Hitler and as such, he has no concern for popular opinion or his total and complete lack of mandate by the people; he’s just happy to make the news. This is all a game to him.  No amount of truth will snap him from his psychosis.  I dearly hope that the more mainstream Republicans in this administration do snap out of their own self-interest and reject the hateful and destructive policies being proposed by the man they failed to keep from office through their own bungling malfunction as a party.

On the other side, I fear we have seen the truth of the far-right in their refusal to condemn him wholly. As they condemned Obama for his executive orders, they now outright accept and cheer on Trump’s executive overreach. Trump’s obsession over unfounded voter fraud brings to light his own daughter and Bannon are registered in two states.

They pursue the construction on a wall that not only will not stop immigration, but make it harder for undocumented immigrants to leave, as well as impact the economy, cost an estimated $14 billion dollars that should be spent on so many other more emergent matters in our country, and are now asking for a 20% tax on Mexican imports to cover it…they want US to pay for the wall, while they say Mexico will reimburse us at some point. Not only will Mexico NOT pay for the wall, they absolutely shouldn’t pay for a wall.

They chide Clinton for her use of public email servers, while today we learn that Trump is still using an unsecured personal phone and his press secretary is tweeting his passwords to the world. These people hold the nuclear football.

As a writer, a poet, an educated woman, I ask what is my responsibility? What is OUR responsibility as a community? I believe the resistance starts with open discussion, free press, freedom of speech, writing. All of these things I can pursue. The resistance starts with education and knowledge, with concerned people communicating in open forums. I think in some way, this is my responsibility as small as I am, and as small an outlet this blog is,

it is something.

~ EC