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Considering where my mind is, you won’t be surprised where my poem is for this installment from The Strix.



Throughout history, art has been a way to express feelings, concerns, opinions. Nowadays, art is still used for that purpose. Art is also a way to reach out to, and, maybe even more important, to connect people.
With a hidden world-war becoming a visible and very real one, art is needed again. Read our art, listen to the messages, take it in.
Reach out, connect.

The Strix

Expression Crossing Continents


Freedom should not be a fantasy

For all it should be a right

And where others have it,

Theirs hands must extend the fight

To bring in the lost and starving

From lands that deny them peace

To hold them in warm comfort

Immigrants, and wayward refugees

As when one loses human rights

All humans lose their liberty

Freedom should not be a fantasy

Denying it is evil’s egocentric vanity

So stand up tall and reject this hate

Speak for those who are targeted

Don’t relax and accept our fate

For their fate and ours

are connected

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


~ AlpeJohn


Escape into Fantasy
Only option left
to create a peaceful reality?

~ Patty W.
~ from Mimosa Pudica


A dark ink blue of the sky faded into a beautiful dawn.
A bright morning blushed and glowed warm,
The echoing silence gave in to the sweet songs of morning,
The rains that were making love with sorrow,
Gave the rainbow clad sky, a newborn charm.

All the fantasies defeated the nightmares,
The day shone gold as dreams came true,
All the life filled back into the world
As the sky turned the palest blue,
and the clouds were painted silver.

My fantasy, a place, a happy place in the dark, cold world. A dream that shall come true if
we all think bright and positive and happy. A fantasy of every human being,
to make the earth, our paradise,

if only we take the efforts to be happy!

Kashaf S.



Expressions Crossing Continents Expression Crossing Continents



Topic by Kashaf
Featured Image by Sarah
Logo by AlpeJohn


Damage Report



Since January 20th, I have found it hard to concentrate on my “normal” writing. Each day, we wake up to the latest disastrous news on the Trump administration. These are not things I can pretend are not happening. I don’t pretend.

And as you’ve seen, I’ve started to address my opinion and feelings through my writing. I won’t only write on what’s going on, I will still write through my other inspirations, but I wouldn’t feel good about ignoring the giant elephant in the room. And come to think of it, that’s an insult to elephants because they are some of the smartest creatures on the planet, plenty smarter than a certain dictator in the Oval Office.

The latest on Bannon calling the media “the opposition” and telling it to “shut its mouth” is an abominably concerning development. First, of course the media are the current administration’s opposition, the media oppose lies and seek out the true facts. Trump and his flying monkeys are averse to the truth and facts. An educated populace is a threat to them. It’s how they coerced an entire under-informed population of Americans eager to follow him anywhere.

Every incoming Democratic or Republican party has worked with the press. Again, I reiterate…all of these developments should be of grave concern to ALL parties. The fact that anyone can defend him is beyond comprehension. Only looking through the lens of the manipulative abuse of a narcissistic psychopath can it be understood why they do defend him. I am friends with Republicans, some of them I consider quite intelligent people. But, the hard reality is, they’ve all been fooled and now they are too proud to admit their mistake.

Trump idolizes tyrants. He kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, according to an ex-wife. Now, this would be normal for a political scientist or historian, perhaps. As a political science major, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to read Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto and Rousseaus’ Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. That does not make me a socialist. It was my interest to study the workings of society and government contracts of all kinds.  Trump has never held a position of political power or office of any kind. He is a failed businessman, reality show host, a bad boss, con man, pathological liar, sexual predator, and hypocrite.

What is truly apparent and frightening is that he seems to relish the attention that the fear of his actions is bringing him. It seems as if he desires to emulate Hitler and as such, he has no concern for popular opinion or his total and complete lack of mandate by the people; he’s just happy to make the news. This is all a game to him.  No amount of truth will snap him from his psychosis.  I dearly hope that the more mainstream Republicans in this administration do snap out of their own self-interest and reject the hateful and destructive policies being proposed by the man they failed to keep from office through their own bungling malfunction as a party.

On the other side, I fear we have seen the truth of the far-right in their refusal to condemn him wholly. As they condemned Obama for his executive orders, they now outright accept and cheer on Trump’s executive overreach. Trump’s obsession over unfounded voter fraud brings to light his own daughter and Bannon are registered in two states.

They pursue the construction on a wall that not only will not stop immigration, but make it harder for undocumented immigrants to leave, as well as impact the economy, cost an estimated $14 billion dollars that should be spent on so many other more emergent matters in our country, and are now asking for a 20% tax on Mexican imports to cover it…they want US to pay for the wall, while they say Mexico will reimburse us at some point. Not only will Mexico NOT pay for the wall, they absolutely shouldn’t pay for a wall.

They chide Clinton for her use of public email servers, while today we learn that Trump is still using an unsecured personal phone and his press secretary is tweeting his passwords to the world. These people hold the nuclear football.

As a writer, a poet, an educated woman, I ask what is my responsibility? What is OUR responsibility as a community? I believe the resistance starts with open discussion, free press, freedom of speech, writing. All of these things I can pursue. The resistance starts with education and knowledge, with concerned people communicating in open forums. I think in some way, this is my responsibility as small as I am, and as small an outlet this blog is,

it is something.

~ EC


Fly South

Haphazard V
Squawks of geese
Overhead flying
Crank my neck
Stopped in tracks
Imagining that
I could follow
Their trail

Fly south
Fly south
They say

To be free
Free as a flock
Of geese
Migrate at whim
Pick a new location
No compass
Just instinct

Follow the heat
Follow the heart,

Lest one thinks
Hopes, dreams
Too long
Too long…

And in waiting
For something
Loses everything


Fly south
Fly south



~ E


Away From Here

stripped down to bare bones
a house, a home
fourteen years grown
a lifetime bloomed

tear it down
throw it out
burn the past
shaken up

dusted memories
torn pictures
lit up and tossed

make it gone


go away
from here

If only I could keep going
past a new start
into a new part
of the universe

where free flying
angels reside

I’ll bring my wings
my singing

and soar


the stars


~ E




What If

What if
you said how you really feel?

Would it
change your life?

Could you
say goodbye, hello, I love you?

If you
purged the dead weight,

Would you
fly higher?

Can you
imagine something better?

Could you
cut the chains that bear you down?

Do you
realize you have the bolt cutters?

Are you
afraid that you don’t deserve more?

What if
you believed you do?

What if…?

What if.


~ Emily Clapper


Hell Survived

Angel wings carry me away

for in this land I care not to stay

I’ve had my fill and then some

seen my share and fallen

hands and knees begging

release me from this prison

float me to my paradise

I’ve done my time

hell survived



~ Emily Clapper