There lived a girl in a tower,
golden locks braided, dropped.
Awaiting rescue from a prince,
she spent her days locked up.

Hours of daylight passed,
staring wistful far and wide
into distances window-framed;
birds flit by on freedom’s wings.

Nights came with silence black,
her heart beat but doubted life.
Time cheated her of longed love,
but not for long, she fought back.

Cut her hair, changed her clothes,
her strength inside rebelling, glows.
Scaled herself down the cobbled wall,

And so, this fairytale ends,

she, her own hero.

~ EC



I was tagged for the prompt “fairytale” by a friend on Instagram. I decided on a little tweak to a classic. 🙂


Something Ruby Rumbles

Beneath the brambles
the thorns and spikes
something ruby rumbles

leaking viscous blood
dripping years of pain
shredded bits aflood

wound round with vines
obscured opaque darkness
signs of traumatic times

never nurtured into light
scarred by senseless neglect
beating, days turn into night

but…beating still

timid, shying away from bright
love stings on tender flesh
afraid to shed chained plight

hidden heart in dark
but there you are, a rumbling ruby…
waiting for warmth of spark

for gentle hand to untangle
to clip away years’ decay
unwind strangling brambles

to rub salve on open wounds
…not to promise it’s all okay,
but to say there’s someone there

regardless, night or day

~ E




Half a poem
Half a bottle of wine
Half a heart
Half my time wasted
Half a thought
Half a life without you
Half way gone
Half of me here
Half of me there
Half of me with you
Half my words spared
Half of what I want to say
Half of what I feel
Half of me destroyed
Half of me appeals
Half of light is gone
Half my spark fizzles
Half of what I imagine
Half of what could be
Half a poem for you, and…

All my halves

All my love

All my soul


~ E


A Table In Hell

Save me a table in hell
one drink for me is all
I need to spill my sins
in your company
the fiery flare of devil’s lair
singes my hair, my chair

Save me a table in hell
demons damned me well
I’ve got my ticket
in my pocket
my train’s been booked
my destiny, for years I mistook

Save me a table in hell
I’ll be great company, I will
I hear the nachos rule
extra green chiles, too
mi comida, es tu comida
ayudarse a sí mismo, mi amigo

Save me a table in hell
I’m hot on your heels
soon to be hotter
left there for null infinity…

but with you by my side,

I’ll hardly notice the time.


~ Emily Clapper


Pinky Swear

Just as I belong to no one
you do not belong to me

We walk aside each other

But near enough to hold
strong enough to support

Through the mire
the brambles, the barbed wire

I’ll be within reach
hoping you are within reach

That when I falter
…you catch my fall

And that when you waver
…I’ll be unwavering

For this, for us

for we

are worth

this pinky swear


~ Emily Clapper




‘Neath a speckled toadstool
born a faerie of flight
wings wet and wrinkled
eyes searching afright

She poked a toe into the mud
to test this wild earth
to see if she could handle it
in all its mocking mirth

Warily she crawled forth
on hands and knees, dainty
and shook the dewdrops
from her sails, spread widely

Spying nearest ray of light
she sought its warmth out
her wings drying quickly
color of rainbow no doubt

Croak, a curious frog spoke
leaping near her sunspot
jolted by surprise, she squeaked
her first new friend found

Offering his back to her
she stepped on with care
and with a hop, wings took off

launched up into forest air

~ Emily Clapper


(Photos: Emily Clapper, 10/2015, Seattle. Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, beautiful but hallucinogenic.)

*wrote the poem first, then remembered I had these pics I took last year


Laugh or cry

live or die

speak or silence

dig or fly

scream or sigh

try or run

commit or resist

love or hate

hide or play

eat or starve

drink or dry

push or pull

fuck it or keep going

be or be not

sink or swim

hug or punch

light or dark

here or there

sure or unsure

take or give

fight or flight

worst or best

joy or sorrow

night or day

high or low

shame or pride

truth or lies

one way or the other
no matter what
I’ll be here

~ Emily Clapper