As Rain Falls

As rain falls dripping chapters
I read between descending spheres
Reflections captured in glass globes
Past fortunes interpreted as dreams

As dreams fall in misty memories
Caught in wandering wistful eyes
Clouded by what could have been 
Flooded by lost pasts, I cry

As tears overflow heart’s garden
Sky and salty brine combined
Long dormant buried wishes
Sprout forth in fertile soil’s palm


~ Emily C.




I want to be the woman who wakes up in your bed… 

somewhere in Italia, on an autumn day. 

The rain will have fallen; just enough to bring the petrichor out after a long dry summer, the microscopic atoms of ancient clay carried in the drops that burst fragrance through a cracked villa window. It overlooks the vineyard we would tend to, the soil we would nurture.  

There, the grapes ripen like our love; hung out to dry and tangled together on the vine, sweetened by time in the unforgiving sun – our rebellion.

It would be linens and warm skin, together. It would be creaking wood in the wind, and uncomplicated life. Rolling hills carry my voice, calling your name without hesitating, because you are my native language, the only one I’ve ever spoken fluently. Unlike Italian. You teach me that.

You teach me that with every “Buongiorno, amore mio.”  I drink it like caffe’ latte in small sips, swirled.  My eagerness would only increase your determination and eventually, it will stick. I would say, “Grazie mille, amore mio.”  One day it will be habit.

Conversation is my foreplay. We would talk sometimes passionately, sometimes softly, sometimes only with our eyes. You would speak to me your philosophy, I will challenge you with mine. 

Our sex would stop time.

The seasons would turn, the wine would mature as sunsets coursed over our union in time lapsed waves until we paused to see butterflies mating on a grape leaf.

Lips whisper lines of poetry, drawing me deeper until drunk on your soul.  

I can see you there now, alone, without me. My journey has already begun, first in thought. Next in reality.

You would wait. You would wait without stopping. 

And when you saw me, finally,

you would know.


~ Em C.



In the mood for some creative writing/prose.


Mountains behind gray,
I know you are there,
I feel your weight
in my heart stripped bare.

I sense your peace
roaring passionate
– feel it echoing, feel it deep,
across ocean it resonates.

Mountains dusted white,
each morning on my way,
you see me put up a fight
for a smile to rise today.

Steady stance, looming
through time indefinite,
strength, courage ricocheting
back to my own sore spirit.

Mountains above gloom,
shaken by man’s failure,
yet anchored forever firm
— I look to you for comfort.

Teach me how to root myself
unwavering in my hope,

lend me a rocky precipice,
my future’s light, to scope.

~ EC


Finding Joy

Lost time
failed prime
years gone by
cogs of time awry
clogged with grease
of lovers deceased
of memories mourned
foreboding joy forlorn
clinging to futures
built in sand castles
broken by wave after
wave of disaster
remnants of possible thens
left to mix back within
trillions of moments
that can never have been
lost before they even began
set back where they belong
in the nothing, not even a song
of sorrow can repair
what hasn’t happened for fear
of dreams’ dying dance
the loftiest chances
can never be truth, a real
we must live, a here
we must know, a now
we must show, of moments
we must take, this instance
of fate, this now is all that
exists in our calling
in finding our joy
let go
and begin
with the


~ by EC


“Finding Joy” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud



One Foot

One foot…
the other.
Tender steps,
night’s rest
envelops me
along this road
alone to behold
of soul, whole
in time, patience
mine, elusive
captured asleep
head turns
to see…slowly
Mars’ ruby glow
in twilight azure sky,
to right, waxing
gibbous Moon
Jupiter west
steadier than me
anchors in sky’s sea
whether I’m drifting
they remain lifting
solid, sure, looming
I ponder future…
mine, humanity
and gaze back
to feet, tenderly


one foot…

the other.

~ Emily Clapper



Your Fog, My Sun

Like earth’s downy comfort
fog tucks around your chin
hiding sun from rooted feet
letting only misting billows in

to dark caverns cradled below
sheltering fears, dreams deceased
allowing no light to scatter those
dwelling in folds of mind’s unease

under false rooftop cowering
the fog weighs heavy like lead
reducing visibility and believability
blinding the view of routes ahead

above your fog my sun shines bright
a deceptive carpet of cottony dreams
white fluffy down the eye’s delight
lending one to plot imaginative schemes

somewhere between the above and below
a world where balance and truth reside
there lies a mix of illumination and shadow
a reality in between the false ceiling

of below and the false floor of up high
you wander lost, languid and forlorn
in pasts of painful beauty denied
expectations returned, sans refund, mourned

from inside out, my sun burns your fog free
the center dissolving revealing blue
light, unchangeable medium of me
clearing your view, I release you…

you are free

if you let go


“Your Fog, My Sun” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud

~ by Emily Clapper



Heart Roar

I hear you
gray matter moaning
creaking with thoughts
from past to torment
my current time
with fevered bents
of what ifs and if onliest
desires and stale dreams
of untimely unions flared out
in firework fashion
the corroded passion
the love that never was
the now that could be
the future that can
only ever be a mystery
one we can never attempt
to solve with cognitive resolve
but only await with bated
breath while breathing a love
in the present with which
our heart can ingest
wholeheartedly hence –
speak to me, heart
tell me what the brain won’t hear
you write the poems
I will listen with breath held near
the mind submits to you
you steer this ship
into the oceanic depths
the waves of momentous
pulsing pleasure
lapping at my coronary shores
soaking me in unmitigated measure
with every drip rendering my head
mute, while the heart takes over

head quiet

heart roar


~ by Emily Clapper


“Heart Roar” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!