I felt you rising against me

breath rapid fire at bare turned neck

heat of blue expectations, its signature

written in beads of sweat

Animals we may be

(and certainly we have been)

instincts born in darkened room

windows blooming steam

Forgoing moral policies

we tear the rule book up

those finger-pointing hypocrites

wag their dirty digits at us

We can show them what they’re missing

but they already know

we’ve heard them loud and clear

through churches’ versed paper walls

Lure me toward the underworld

bring on your hedonistic sin

soak in sweet sublimity

my feral pagan skin


~ Emily C.




Not an attack on religion. I just follow the words where they go.  It’s more of a hypocrisy thing. Not a fan of hypocrisy. 🙂


Free Me ~ Haiku


Choking hazy smoke

Another red sun looming

Free me on sailed sea


~ Emily C.




Day 6:  Smoke is still here. I can smell it in the house when I opened the bedroom door this morning to the hall where it’s an obvious contrast. But, then sitting in the house, one acclimates to it.

I have been running HEPA air purifiers with brand new filters round the clock, and have only opened the doors briefly in morning or night to let the cool air in for a bit. And even THAT has been enough to make it smell smokey in here. Check out my filter picture, the one on the left was new on Thursday. The one on the right is unused. Look at all that dirt caught in only 3 days. Crazy! Glad its in there and not my lungs, but I do feel it a bit anyway.

The first two pics are from Sigma Shreedharan again. Yucky air makes for great art!

The third pic is mine off my back deck at sunset. We are still dealing with heat, but it’s only in the high 80s instead of high 90s now. After the 4 feet of rain we had this winter, I didn’t think I’d be desperate for a raincloud, but here we are. 🙂

Side note: my Mac’s trackpad has been causing issues and making my cursor go berserk in a scary way. So, I haven’t been able to use it and all my poetry bookmarks are on that one. I will be delayed even more in catching up on your awesome words. But, in time will be trying my best to catch up.

Also back to my vestibular therapist tomorrow. Still working my way through that, but definitely not as acute as I was. The new exercises have been a challenge for my brain on top of the environmental triggers lately with the heat and smoke. Looking forward to clean air and improved health.

Miss you all and thank you for your steadfast support.


Enter Me ~ w/audio

Enter me

my ivied gates are open
wet with dripping morning dew
verdant and virgin new


see what’s my inside
my garden path awaits
your distinguished tastes

See me

with your eyes closed
explore depths unknown
feel what lies exclusively before


wide I offer my expanse
grow flowers from my lips
shine sun from my womb


long until songbirds call
we will tumble hard
we will free fall


our flesh on passion’s blanket
forgetting all but us, now
cushioned on a field of moans


as the new seed shoots in spring
I am your fertile ground in need
total bliss
in you
I receive


~ Emily C.


A Table In Hell

Save me a table in hell
one drink for me is all
I need to spill my sins
in your company
the fiery flare of devil’s lair
singes my hair, my chair

Save me a table in hell
demons damned me well
I’ve got my ticket
in my pocket
my train’s been booked
my destiny, for years I mistook

Save me a table in hell
I’ll be great company, I will
I hear the nachos rule
extra green chiles, too
mi comida, es tu comida
ayudarse a sí mismo, mi amigo

Save me a table in hell
I’m hot on your heels
soon to be hotter
left there for null infinity…

but with you by my side,

I’ll hardly notice the time.


~ Emily Clapper



Body lit up white-flame fire
heat rises off melting floor
every vein charged electric
shooting your drug to my bursting core
palpitating pulsating pounding a beat
swelling to elevating heights
above where prying eyes can see
leaving earth out of drifting sight
throwing my flushed head back
filling lungs with your sacred scent
seeing nothing truly exists except

this one, sweet, orgasmic moment

of pure pleasure
the merging of us
your energy sending
me through the multiverse
riding gravitational waves
to worlds unknown
to lightyears far beyond
what’s been written in tomes
past and future colliding
no sense of time
savoring here

the sublime


“Burst” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!


~ by Emily Clapper