Another Red Sun

another red sun
another night sky
another day gone by

without you

another gasp for clean air
another grasp for you here
another pass at a chance

with you

another tomorrow became today
another scream inside my head
another mistake made

beside you

another wish dies on wind
another kiss left hanging
another you left me

bleeding heavy

another us never happens
another we is in the past
another time sought fleeing



~ Emily C.


We, Ourselves

Found you hiding in my box of memories
like you never left me black and blue

your voice as clear as the day
you said goodbye

laugh as warm as our flirtation
the never-were childhood sweethearts
a past we wanted, framed imagination

I held it in my shaking hands
broken into pieces of dead dreams

that yellowed over time
our story’s type fading
you see,

…that was always the problem

with writing ahead

of one
l e t t e r
at a time

we decided the ending before we began

we wrote ourselves a lie
that…my god,
could have been truth

but only if we




~ Em C.


Shallow Grave

woke up supine in the forest pine
disoriented dizzy drunk…
how I got there, no memory
who I was or where
naked, cold
shuddering soul
lost far from home
but even that, now unknown
human form muddy, caked by decay
matted hair in waves of clay
maggots had made their home
on me, expediting fate of death
their fee, I saw my grave
that you must have dug
…if I could remember you
but no, not, never
in my mind
past your prime
my sense of love distorted
by years of heart callously contorted
handed out for dissection, consumption
by souls seeking destruction
little did I know my freeness
would seal my fate
trust betrayed
heart slain by hunters’ raid
pillaged in an extravagant display
where you were starring in your own play
I was there for your entertainment
when you were bored
but I must have
finally said no more
for here I am on forest floor
bloodied from the swing of mace
bones broken from a forgotten fight
but eyes open to arboretum’s canopy light
lost and languishing in love’s banishment
no name, no identity, erased for all eternity
but a survivor, free to start over
would I, could I
find my way

I lick my wounds

and head east…

~ Emily C.



Had the pleasure of going to The Boxer Rebellion concert at a small venue here in Seattle this weekend. Amazing band. This was a song the lead singer and guitarist played unplugged in the middle of the crowd, and you can watch it below. I was so close I could have touched him. Pretty awesome.  So here is my version on harmonium.

As always, I hope you enjoy…

Lyrics at the bottom.

Always ~ The Boxer Rebellion

You never worried too much when we both were young
You’d cover up your heartache, cover up alone
The more I saw indifference, I knew you’d lost your nerve
The more your best intentions were just left unheard

Let it out
Let it out
Let it out

Always remember me
When you are lost
When you’re in need
Always remember us
If you’ve missed the mark
Even if you fall apart

Never the interference that we run with now
When you see the daylight that will soon go out
We only seemed talk of being misunderstood
When nothing else would matter, when what we knew was good

Let it out
Let it out
Let it out

Always remember me
When you are lost
When you’re in need
Always remember us
If you’ve missed the mark
Even if you fall apart