Tide of Stars

Prayers at the shoreline to distant gods,
mantras and chants for mystery maker.
Dark matter ripples gently move her hair.

Evening storm retreats, trailing shocks strike
as parting clouds evaporate like dried tears
she cried once, for life’s loves, lives lost,

while tidal waves yawn on black horizon,
swallowing all with a smacking crash,
closing in upon her beach this night

until in dark consuming light she sees
tides of stars at her bare feet, collecting
along moondust sand with each lick of waves.

In her graceful aging youth, never to be old,
she smiles — the stars gathered in her palms
chime as diamonds might in a gathered dress

that flows along winds of time — which pauses.
One dainty swirl and scattered again, they fly…
in the distance, a shooting star aims for her heart.

~ Emily C.



The Hidden

coyote unafraid,

howls beyond.

moon bows

in reverence,

while chickens

are on the run.

fearless canine

curiously hunts

the hidden.

when sun sets

forbidden faces

appear tracing

nocturnal scents.

blood lets

from veins

severed, attempts

to escape, fail.

tomorrow will only

come for some.

~ Emily C.



darkness pitted of light

dawn has run in fright

overseen by lunar queen

earth tilts in drunken spins

through contorted arms

fogged sphere leers long

to eyes blinking obedience

sleepily falling in somber trance

lulled by Stygian current

Time’s ether running out

to know tomorrow comes

the luxury taunting its absence

too late to stay awake, drugged

by white orb, its light an illusion


~ Em C.



The photo is mine that I took of the view of the moon outside my bedroom window.

Rang Dead

I wait just inside the cemetery gate
a lifetime short and a day too late
the mist rolls over unshorn green
that crawls in waves, spirits unseen

Your name freshly carved in script
on a tombstone glittering granite
I trace cold rock with my warm lips
wishing to drink you in ethereal sips

But dry as the bones of your body
this crypt is nothing but empty
like my heart that leaked all its heat
with each pulse of your slashed veins

No amount of my love was enough
to stop you from ending yourself
I could not fix your chronic pain
nor save you from your own disdain

If you only believed me, my love
if you only believed in your worth
all too evident in my green eyes
you could not convince me otherwise

As the crows perch with knowing
on the treetops under sky snowing
I sang to you our song in blue notes
that rang dead in the moonless night

~ E



the silence of the ocean woke
her from deep dead sleep,
its pause stilled the rafters
and drew the mice from deep

the quietude of quiescence
the muting of the maw
all solemn in the morning
when water ceased to draw

cat on the window sill startles,
fur stands, sixth sense alert
the moon, it spun to a stop,
wild waves’ curls level out

o, ears can hear the sea stars,
the kelp reaching for the shore
pleading from a distance,
shells clamor and implore

the boat anchors superfluous
sailors draw them back
neither palm nor paddle
will move them to their dock

all’s quiet in quiescence
so silent in its shock
the cat goes back to cleaning
the mice retreat to black

~ Emily C.



The waxing gibbous
bent down from the stars
set itself in reach of her
its translucent glow
an all-consuming love
a peace to destroy all chaos
wiped her of all pain
set her luminescence free
cleared her dark path
shone blue light
on her tonight
lit fire to past
standing tall, arching back
she inhaled her now
her new
ready to open
to bloom again —

a moonflower kissed.

~ EC