50 Shades Darker ~ Live from Seattle

Okay, movie fans. A big budget movie is filming in my home of Seattle this week, and next. Now…I for one was not a big fan of 50 Shades of Grey, not because I mind the subject matter so much as it was a poorly done film, book, and inaccurate representation of BDSM.  My two cents.

And a lot of Seattle is rather annoyed by them filming the next in the installment, 50 Shades Darker…even the news here put the tagline on their Facebook post as: “TRAFFIC ON  THE VIADUCT COULD BE AS BAD AS THE MOVIE” …which let me tell you…got some good laughs and extra likes.

The viaduct is a double decker raised highway with what happens to be one of the best views as you drive north past downtown and the waterfront. I see why they chose this road. It is actually slated for demolition after they finish digging the replacement tunnel they are currently boring underneath the highway.  There is much controversy over this, but the truth is the viaduct is a hazard, weak, old, and destined to collapse the next time we have an earthquake of “big one” magnitude.

I will miss it however, the view can’t be beat. And the movie crews know this. And while I could care less about the movies, I do find the filming process fascinating. I just hope they do our city justice.

And oh yeah. Jamie Dornan…pretty hot and a MUCH better actor in the Netflix show The Fall, where he stars alongside Gillian Anderson as the subject of her hunt to catch him, a serial murderer. He does the role well, much better than in 50, and so I will cut him some slack. 🙂

Check out some helicopter footage and news clips here to watch them filming car scenes live on the highway.  Of course, all the cars are stunt/prop cars (I laughed at the token truck carrying rowing sculls…so it could be more Seattle, perhaps?) and they had to close the highway to take it over (which annoyed us locals), and you can’t see the actors, but you can see the action, as it were:






Man of mystery, steal my heart away in movie dreams
you lurk in the secret rooms with open windows wide
under rooftops you scale giving chase, or escape
maybe a train top through tunnels with gun in hand

Taking clandestine orders from M, weapons from Q,
you follow your own rules and pursue them to the T,
flying jets, airplanes, boats, luxury race cars of speed
no one can catch you, and if they do,

they’ll be sorry they did…

You are a force of nature, a man of serious stature
a super trained human, with a wicked sense of humor
you like it shaken not stirred, and a Girl on the side
a late night casino, Russians see you and hide

Villains will tempt you, trap you and torment
but every time you outsmart them with your brilliant
brain, one that always sees a way out, a way in
a way through and around all kinds of situations

You know your allure, you draw them like flies
you choose a girl, but sometimes its your demise
falling into their honey trap, they take advantage
and flip their sides, you’d think you’d learn someday

That’s okay, we still love you, we desire to have you
but know you won’t stay, you’ll always go away
called off to the next mission, a new land afar
to chase those super villains,

the super spy that you are


…James Bond.


~ Emily Clapper



Poem topic request: “James Bond” as requested by Taruna! LOVED this idea. Taruna loved my poem on Batman that I did at someone else’s request and so she asked for me to write one on 007.  Hope I did her proud! Thank, T. 🙂 Now I need to watch a Bond film.