garden full of robins red
pecking green terrain
expertly freezing
sensing human gaze

not a word spoken
behind dewy window pane
— patiently frozen
as worms meet fate


~ Emily C.



Solid Home

darkness cloaking
rocking sea —

just time, the salt,
and bobbing me

no horizon
but moonlit crests

no sense of where,
or whether at rest

blindly floating
on night’s wet wings,

cradled on surface,
iron whale swims

faint outline separates
black hill, silk sky

prayer hands reach out,
an atheist’s cry

a star above distant land
shimmering death

mine eyes anchor 
to its flickering message

I follow the light
until stormy sea settles

trace it as I weather
my tossing vessel

no horizon
but one shining dot

calling a sinking soul back
to solid home 




Raindrop ticks like a clock
Regular in its rooftop beat
Gently tocking seconds drip
Marking time as eyes drift to sleep

In morning light the day will wake
And so dissipate sound sleepers’ dreams
The liquid hands tomorrow will brake
Leaving less to signal night’s sly return

To wind the sky in tightened coil
Or rather assign the moon timekeeper
Who are we to command rainless skies
But entranced subjects of her tidal pull

~ Emily C.



peeled skeletal hands of December tree,

hang from limbs o’er path and me;

of all options to go around

under I wander, eyes bowed down.

tickling branch tips scratch my scalp,

no scream escapes my blue lip mouth.

stoic steps on gravel stones crunch,

gaze unturned while earth rolls on.

hair snags and dangles  – tinsel for holidays;

it shimmers in icy wind blown from away.

crows perch as ornaments black as pitch,

on highest point, eagle star serenely sits.

amanita mushrooms lure beneath like gifts,

ready to poison any who cannot resist.

waves at rocky shore play winter melody

this barren Christmas,

I sing silently.

~ Emily C.





my medicine

does not come in a bottle
it is dispensed by the sea

diamond sparkle waves
whipped by wind
orchestrated before me

my medicine

does not come from a doctor
it comes from green trees

from their scent
from the colors of life
shed in fall’s rainbow tears

my medicine

does not come for a fee
it is natural and free

step into outside
open lungs to breathe

just earth
and me



~ Emily C.


Colors Bled

Colors bled on glass lake
deep reds trapped deep
mirage for eyes beckons
but waves away at touch

can’t capture it, don’t try
they will call you in to die
sinking in the fallen leaves
your ambitious hope denied

color attracts
for love and death

poison or passion
— watch your step

know your petals
know your heart

know when to touch 
and when to not

~ Emily C. 10.12.17