Peach Suns

when all is left are peach suns

setting on water’s bed

when stars unsettled

sparkle, messages unread

when words fail and thoughts

rail, beating drum inside

your head,

when names fade, and smiles

die, dispatched along time’s map

when efforts fall short

stuck type writer keys

letters never stamped

when clock stops

the phone won’t ring, and

i love yous hang

in vacant space

when lips mouth heart’s oath

muttered under stale breath

when reconciliation hurts

more than distance kept

when silence heals

the broken space deep

within cracked chest

when knowledge of self comes

when everyone is gone

when only you can fix what ails

no one else can take that on

when all is left are peach suns

giving way to dark’s ascent

when stars kindle in morse code

look for your map within

~ Em C.




Carpets of cotton candy snow

Laid before as on the road I go

Petals underfoot paint a pretty path

Alternate universe reality projects

Intersections unknown on any map

Lost in cardinal directions without GPS

In a city that’s home wherever the pin

Going around and around again

Around and around and around again

Rose colored toes in the rain I spin

Disoriented in a world that transcends

Around and around I go again


~ Em C.

*Photograph my own.

Blooming Beauty on the Hill

blooming  beauty on the hill
dropping pink taffeta tears
that tell your winter story
year after endless years

ringing round your core
a tender bed beckoning
the barefoot, the child, the reader 
the writer with poised pen

arms upon which lithely grow
new leaves glossy green
for tempest sky they reach
ever bearing winds

bracing bitter cold
shaking off the rain
cascading creviced folds
drawing strength out of pain

all-the-while steady
deepest roots withstand
hurricane force seasons
from sun to broken branches

this soul has withstood
a life of fickle seasons, yet
somehow still worships the sun
while embracing heavy rains

these feet cannot pass
without paying respect
an altar to arboreal gods
who shall forever

~ Em C.


**stopped me on my tracks while on my walk today**

The Flowers and You

as spring daffodils lean reaching heads sunward,

turn your rain-stained face toward me.

sunflowers, daisies, shamrocks — aching for some distant light…

your sun, your radiant heat I’ll be.

even in looming dark, under pregnant clouds, obscured by curling fog,

they know the precise angle of aim;

you’ll find me here, perched beam in a steady old-growth tree,

waiting for your uplifted gaze.

their opening petals yawn wide

as your eyes, searching for an outstretched ray.

a blind kind of faith, the flowers and you;

when life has led you astray…

just turn your chin to the shelter of sky,

and you’ll find me there shining your way.

~ Em C.