We, temporary

Divided by hot, by cold
by invisible lines
by present future

Zeus oversees with a bolting staff
a stab in Olympus’ bare back
electrifying his kingdom’s sky

we watch
we wow 
we sense
the shock

a power humanity
will never possess
unless dreams, unless
actors in plays

we weaklings
we flesh
we, beckoning death

our paltry specks
our accidental

the gods
the goddesses
outlast time

we, temporary
here and gone
world goes on
gods roaring

gawking eyes see

yet see nothing
in the end
but mortality

~ Emily C.


*All photos of today’s thunderstorms in Seattle, all mine except the last. Today was a show of nature, I stormchased and caught a bolt of lightning. 🙂



Skipping Stars

Skipping stars on your black hole ocean

I dig my toes into sands of time

ripples in the fabric, dark matter fantastic

lost along this exquisite shoreline

We could play in these alien worlds afar

forever, forever gazing toward darkened zones

just take my shaking hand, my love

orate our ancient home’s storied tomes

Step by step, we jump asteroid to asteroid

evading age as our laughter echoes

inside our heads — as silence swallows sound

the world recedes…just another galaxy we know

You catch me on Saturn’s rings, afloat

breaking pebbled pattern, orbits altered

our circles merge in love’s gravity game 

— two hearts in one heartbeat patters

Skip your stars on our black hole ocean

lay me here on web of cosmic cloth

your ultraviolet heat I need deep within me

unleash your universe

into my secret path



~ Em C.


A Thousand Thoughts

Blue vista of you, aloft

the gaze of a thousand thoughts

still life stealing glimpses

into somewhere space…

before names perhaps familiar

in their alternate dimensions strange

an ocean of azure against

pale palette of white

where water meets sky

dark ebbs inside light

in shifting shyness of eyes

words speak inside

float in endless eternity

the only movement:

heart’s waves

upon soul’s sand



~ Em C.


I could not live without the woods

without a seagull overhead

without moss growing on bark

without water flowing nearby

I could not live without rain

without clouds or a dark day

without sun to clear the sky

without mountains in my eye

I could not live without my words

without a soul that beat in color

without the heart of another

without that heart’s trail to wander

~ Emily C.



lanterns lit the sand washed wood
of the dock by the shifting shore

at twilight the fireflies lit messages
speckled spacetime in twinkling lore

from where I was I saw you
walking with your demons arm in arm

to the conversation I was not privy
seems the waves the audience more

as they kissed your dragging feet
the demons and the waves, both

I sipped my sun tea sweet
pondered to stay or to go

while moon rose o’er tempered sea
I let time determine our destiny

your hair blended into the horizon
and I could not ascertain

whether this longing heart was broken

or rather longing for the sea instead

~ EC


Dark cannot consume,
light undying finds a way.
Reflecting rebellion arcs
off melancholy silver waves.

Like the child with a flashlight,
under nighttime tent of sheets,
illuminating truth and secrets
— all is bright underneath.

Tuck me into bed, my dying sun,
pull the down over my blue skies,
whisper me conch shell lullabies
— I leave the light on, sleep defied.

And when the seaside train awakes
and dawn, with hope, hazily breaks…

I’ll be telling stories of darkness
undermined by sunset’s grace.

~ EC


(*Photo by me. No filter. 1.27.17, Seattle)