Fairy ~ The Strix


She wasn’t born a faerie;
she earned her wings
her own way.

Her imagination started early
just out of night’s skies
when the sun rose
the glittered light shone

Her magic coaxed forth
wings tickled, prickled
out of her strong back
fluttered to life, a surprise

Forest creatures came to life
the mushrooms spoke to her
the elves and gnomes
hiding ‘neath them
welcomed her home
for a pint of mulled cider
to warm her bones

But her magic
was already there;
she could see the elves
dance with the gnomes
hear the mushrooms
before the wings grew

because she believed

her world was already


~ Emily

~ from PoetGirlEm


Allow me to give you a glace of my native mythology…

Diwata. That is my mother tongue’s word for Fairy. Not unlike other lore, a diwata lives on deep and enchanted forests, away from the human civilization. We believe they are guardians of the forest and all the animals that live there.

In our mythology, a diwata is usually a shy entity. They avoid human contact, and can materialize or disappear at will. Or sometimes, they disguised themselves as birds, butterflies, or other animals.

A diwata is kind and helpful as well. There are stories of lost travelers, where in a diwata helped them get of out of the forest. And some, rescuing and protecting locals from a storm.

On the other hand, there are rumors of missing people as well–one of the speculations is that they were intentionally led astray by a playful diwata. And some scarier stories are being cursed by a diwata, mostly because they tried to harm the trees, or may be one of the beloved forest animals. Not that surprising really. They are the protectors after all.

But unlike the ones we see on movies, diwatas are not small creatures. On the contrary, they are of the same size as humans, with very human like features. Some believed they have very enchanting voices, that they use to lure humans that they fell in love with.

The most popular diwata probably is Maria Makiling. She’s supposed to live on Mount Makiling. The various peaks of the mountain are said to be the very image of her, lying on her side. Others diwatas are Maria Sinukuan and Maria Cacao, residing on Mt Arayat and Mt Lantoy, respectively. (You might be wondering why they have “Maria” in their names. In our dialect, maria means lady.)

~ AlpeJohn



~ Sarah



Fairies are known as mythological creatures, as old gods (Celtics), in some religions they are similar to angels and in the Netherlands, someone who is called a fairy is a kind loving person.
Did you know a Fairy is also a type of poetry?
It consists of eleven words, starting with one word building up to four and the last (eleventh) word should provide an answer for the poem overall.

And Me
Strangled tight forever
Overcoming all life challenges

~ Patty Wolters



 Expression Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn 


On Poetry

A dance of words
a tug o’ war

It is the mind’s music
its glory
its grief
the stories
told internally externally

It is the voice of dreams
of desires
deaths and demons
the love making of psyches
across distances far

It shines light on pain
it turns off light on shame
reveals, steals our hearts
one in the same
we need it, we fear it

we keep some to ourselves

It is our secrets told
the plain, the bold
we pretend we can resist
ignore it, yet
it will persist

Until letters form passion
expression, forms lessons
marked in the ether
by quills of a feather

found in our souls
bound for eyes


~ E




With all that I’ve been dealing with lately, I have hardly been 100% at keeping up with my own writing, and so I’ve been behind on the latest open topic poem requests.  But, it will be good for me to work on these for many reasons. And so here is Peter’s request for the topic: “Poetry”.   Thank you, Peter!

Hope you like it.

Supernatural ~ The Strix

After a bit of a hiatus and some reorganization, The Strix has come together to write on the  topic “supernatural.” I hope you enjoy the different presentations on it, a personal favorite with many possibilities. Thank you to Kashaf for the topic suggestion.
My poem is the second one down entitled “Departure.”



Starting where every haunted story starts. A dark room. I sat under the blanket, with my flash light on. The heat from the light made me sweat. Chills running down my spine, my eyes widened and stressed the eyelids to the level where they turned red. I had tears in my eyes. Something brushed through my blanket at my back. I screeched a tiny gasp. My heart beats running faster. I had done enough research, watched enough movies, heard enough stories for one night to be scared. So scared. I knew in the dark under my blanket, that something else was present here with me. I had done the experiment, everybody asked me not to. I played with Charlie. And Charlie was here. He said he was angry because I did not set him free after the experiment. I have no idea how I can hear him. He creeps under my blanket as if playing peek-a-boo. I sharply take in the air around me, and suddenly there is no air. My flash lights falls facing up on the bed, and I am blinded by the light. The next thing I know, I am playing with Charlie and I can see my body lying tangled with my blanket on the bed.

And I wait for my friends to join me soon.

Kashaf S.





a cool breeze
brushes neck
a stiff wind
ruffles drapes
inside the house
my goose bumped skin
tells me I am not alone
as I fumble the doorknob
I cannot seem to hold
my shivers back
I stare through the crack
of my bedroom door
spy the rocking chair
swaying on its own
the lights flicker
an unknown specter
appears in wisps

I bite my lips
the scream I want
to unleash
stifled by fear
all I hear
is a creak
a moan

and then
my name

my eyes won’t close
I see it turn
and who would it be
but you, your ghost
your shape, your voice
reminding me
of our times of glee
before the untimely
departure of you

now, the haunting
doomed to repeat
until you finally see

you and I
can never be

~Emily  from PoetGirlEm


How do you define paranormal?
Is it something abnormal
Or perhaps something less carnal?
Maybe a ghost

Or a demon trying to enter the host?
Just cause science can’t explain it doesn’t mean anything
Why do we continue to be obsessed with labeling things?
As if life was not complex already
We make our own minds unsteady.

The love I held once was paranormal
I could even go as far as to say that it was supernatural, out of the normal.
Why do I say that? Simple really
Cause her ghost still haunts me, I can see her clearly.
I don’t need science to explain it to me
A can feel it and see it when I sit in the afternoons to drink my tea.

 So you see
We all hold a different meaning of paranormal and supernatural and what it could be.
There is no right answer
But it can become a mental cancer
So be aware my friend,

So be aware.

~Manuel O.   from EMOTIONSOFLIFE2016 


Supernatural. That’s a funny name “natural” people call us. Yes, we have unique skills and abilities, such as super speed, being able to fly, x-ray vision, and “all those crazy stuff”–i quote. (The media goes on and on, inventing new names to call us every week.)

But why do they? I have been asking this question for a very long time now.

Why are people so obsessed on putting names and labels to everything. Those who can fly are called Aero; Gaia are those that have the ability to control flora; Luna to those that can see even in total darkness. Those are just some. And of course, those who don’t have the skills, they call themselves, the Natural.

Why do they like to divide everyone into groups? We are all human beings. I don’t see the point of putting on labels. With labels, a group would feel more superior, or inferior than the other. It only causes division and discrimination.

Supernatural. I hate that word.



Staring at the waves, inhaling the power of the sea
Walking through the forest, sensing the power of the trees
Looking at the sky, watching the strengthening light of the moon
Touching the ground, smelling the pureness of earth
Nature all around us, Supernatural as She is.
We are part of nature, can we be Supernatural too?



I searched the earth

looked up in the sky

I searched in deep

looked for the answer

my soul craved

remained unanswered

I questioned the almighty

begged for enlightenment

desperate to know

who is the one

which is supernatural


and when my soul

spoke to me

it softly whispered

into my beating heart


the one that I was searching for

is within me

it’s me


I am Supernatural

~ Zigyasa Kakkar from Mysestina


pp-2Expression Crossing Continents


Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn



We packed our bags late one night
leaving far away to destination out of sight
carrying our hopes and dreams
packed to the brim with love it seemed

That morning we launched our ship from shore
hand in hand we sought out to seek more
ride the waves of destiny’s storm
knew our souls were far different than norm

The weather rocked our searching bow
with moments of death defying shows
the thunder booming above, heavy,
the lightning strikes straight to eyes

Blinded by truth, by love and lies exposed
we shut our eyes in hopes it would go
but nothing could clear the searing images
of what we saw deep in each other’s visages

Burned there by light beyond retina’s capacity
to hold all that we saw and wished to forget
we fumbled to steer our battered ship
grasping with hands that would only slip

At some point the water swamped our deck
we struggled in vain to clear all the wet
for savage waves would only crash harder
leaving pools accumulating up to our necks

Bobbing now in our self-sought sea of despair
we spy land not far – and yet so incredibly far
to get there we must abandon each other
and fight for survival in order to recover

With a blow of a kiss through the ocean mist
the boat began to sink, along with our hearts
we parted ways and aimed for shore
leaving all behind, while hoping for more

With luck we would see each other again
someday, dry and lying on sand under sun
a farewell to what was, we made it this far

and someday to kiss

under far looming star

~ Emily C.



Wow. Trying to collect myself so I can write this last bit…  I have not had a poem affect me this much while writing in a long while. My heart is pounding, and I am choked up near tears. Clearly this feels personal, which I was not anticipating. I’m literally shaking…

This was a poem request topic from Meg, who asked for “Shipwrecked”, literally or figuratively…I think I got both in there. I really hope you like it Meg! I think I needed to write this…  Much love.

Please check out Meg, she is an instant favorite of mine and the sweetest nicest woman.

And if you’d like to suggest a topic for me, by all means, please do. 🙂

(Photo: Emily C., Ocean Shores, WA 2015, yes, I drew the heart in the sand even…)

Open Topic ~ Round Three

So, it’s that time again. I’d love to take some poem topic requests to flush out my head.  It’s a great challenge, and a lot of fun. So if you have an idea you’d like me to write on, leave me your request in the comments below, and I’ll do what I can to fill your request.  No guarantees on expediency, as usual, but I will alert you when your request is posted.

For a look at the last two rounds of poems created due to your amazing suggestions:

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Open Topic, Round Two: Thanks!

Took me a longer time to get through the requests for Round Two of my Open Topic poem requests. But, I did it. 🙂 Thank you for all the great suggestions! I have put them here for you to catch up on if you missed them.  I love the challenge of being given a random topic and seeing where my brain goes. Always surprises me.

If you have a request, you can always let me know. Or I’ll send out another invitation to Round Three at some point when I’m ready.

Please let me know if you enjoy this!

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