I felt you rising against me

breath rapid fire at bare turned neck

heat of blue expectations, its signature

written in beads of sweat

Animals we may be

(and certainly we have been)

instincts born in darkened room

windows blooming steam

Forgoing moral policies

we tear the rule book up

those finger-pointing hypocrites

wag their dirty digits at us

We can show them what they’re missing

but they already know

we’ve heard them loud and clear

through churches’ versed paper walls

Lure me toward the underworld

bring on your hedonistic sin

soak in sweet sublimity

my feral pagan skin


~ Emily C.




Not an attack on religion. I just follow the words where they go.  It’s more of a hypocrisy thing. Not a fan of hypocrisy. 🙂

Stone, Alone

I stood there naked
bared to all
a soul without a home

Awash in meandering sunbeams
I bathed
frozen in stone, alone

To take one step would shatter
marbled memories
onto cold hardwood floor

The mind seeks nimble compass
to guide me far
toward your closed door

Yet when I gaze to palm for north
compass aims
arrow back to timid heart

So till the chisel of your love
takes aim 
at fortress in my chest

I stand here naked
bared to all
frozen heart, in stone,




~ Emily C.



simmering skin, night of succulent sin
lit by dark lamp’s phosphorescence
long after switch turns off
glowing just enough
to see outlines — fiery flesh designs

an aura of molten gold traces glittered shoulders
lips and heaving hips
in orgasmic arrays of photonic display
filling holes where mind roams
when reference removed
all but body lines bared 

daring to dance to unseen audience
deeper entranced, deeper ensconced
until no one knows
where I end 
and you begin


~ Emily C.


Cherry Blossom Lips

he wandered wet
on damp cherry blossom paths
post-rain air sweetened
with heaviness of regrets
visions of her cherry blossom lips
mind spinning in cowardly shame
he had run from her in fear

of forever, of a kiss he knew
would seal the deal
for lips as hers weren’t part time pleasure

he knew he would be all in
with one small luscious taste
no going back, no exit

facing himself
— vulnerability’s raw heart,
the fierceness of truest love:

it would swallow him whole

the evidence of her beauty
inner and out
spoken in soft exhales
that departed her soul
inhaled by his that suckled,
drugged, in a springtime instant

forever hers
and yet never
to be hers

the path…
the path was just as pink
just as sweet
and wound endlessly,
— it begged him to run

she would demand
he stay
without uttering
a single syllable
from her
cherry blossom lips

~ Emily C.