Art Therapy

I heard it was selfie day yesterday. I’m late but here you go.

I was at the zoo today and decided in the moment to splurge on a caricature, because why the hell not. Had a lovey chat with the artist. She was quite talented. She even got my nose ring.

Oh, okay. Here’s a real one for comparison.

Happy Summer, friends! I’m slowly dusting off my writing chops. Hopefully, I can produce more soon. Be patient with me. 😊


Love Astronomic

Just two stars in the sky tonight –
Mine and yours,
No others as bright.

I can see a million constellations
Dancing through eternity
In our one lonely pair,

Connecting the dots, beginning to end,
From end to beginning,
And starting over again;

Each time a new star map is written,
As many as our expressions
Of this love astronomic,

Echoing into deepest space,
Forever replicating –
Yet never the same.

Just two stars in the sky tonight –
Unlimited combinations,
Unlimited time…

~ Em C.


And All

Somewhere my soul is dancing

In a world where it is loved

Where it is seen and heard and respected

Where it never has to defend

Its vibrant energy for breath

Its never ending quest

The way it beams passion

How it strives for its best

Somehow my soul will surface

From suffocating depths black

The kind that choke the spirit

The kind that strangles hearts

I’ll know the light upon arrival

It will embrace my being whole

It won’t question my motives

It will hold me

scars and all

~ Em C.



Orb of orange hung blue in heavens

Eye peeking through velvet curtain

Round as rock this rock does orbit

Showing only one of its two faces

I stare transfixed amidst the mist

Wishing with my heart exposed

Pleading to the gods above

My secrets only they will know

And you I hear in the owl’s call

The midnight overseer

Of all the dreamers’ dreams

Of all the dark creatures’ fears

Saying you see me in the light

In silver tinged sight

Standing naked and primal

Arms outstretched to the sky

The wild She in all her skin

Shameless in her shadow

That shows no clothes

No chains, no rings, nor claims

But a compass for a heart

That follows the moon in dark

Knowing it will lead me back to you

~ Em C.



sun burned a hole

in birth of midnight sky

leaving traces


indigo twinkle of dying night

the sound of dark


the doors and windows shut

earth residing


we retreat to familiar warmth

heat of your breath


my bare neck

only one thing it means

my body blooming wet

silence speaks volumes

rolling in the dark


new emotions moan

the extinguishing of sun

our fire, skin on skin


through space

we absorbed the sun

it burned away our sins

emptied of restraint

fueled by cosmic force


in the storm

red flares

we burst


~ Em ~