To ask the world

To ask the world:
is love too much to ask?

has hate defined our past
so much that we forgot
human is human
is human?

the skin, religion, gender we wear
clothe red hearts that beat the same

that cry and grieve the same
that hope and fear the same
that love and die
the same…
with a kiss, a last gasp

and here we are fighting. 
for what?

aren’t we
neighbors on this big rock?
under the same sky,
wishing on the same
stars light, stars bright?

how i wish someday

peace would prevail;
one vote
at a time.

~ Em C.


The Rock in the River

Stroll along the river’s edge
sun-speckled shoreline
trees overhead
roiling raging rapids
swirling storms
down the meandering
river, chaos is the norm

But where there is chaos
look for peace
look for that place
where nothing is phased
not by whirlpool
not by current
not by splash
nor fervent

And you will see
the rock in the river…

There I will be.

~ E


Here, Now

Hold me in your arms
tell me it will be all right
rock me till I sleep
forgetting daylight’s blight

I’ll happily get drunk
on your soothing tenor
whispering your warmth
until I drift into the nether

All is safe, soul secure
in your embrace, forever
you make my heart beat
my lungs breathe air pure

Strangling vines wither
demons creeping withdraw
light beams into darkness
no fears stands a chance

Just you,


~ Emily Clapper




Sunlit cedar
standing for decades strong
sunset lights your branches
as you overlook ocean far

So steadfast through the storms
so deep your reaching roots
undaunted by treading time
my humble humanity walks by

Lend me your trunk for pause
my strength fades like day
you prop me up when I spin
until I can resume on my way

You may not ever have to walk
you may live in monotony
yet your earthly time surpasses
my relatively short stay

To accept your destiny
your rooting deep in crust
a lesson for my spirit, to accept

sometimes living

is standing still


~ Emily Clapper