Carpets of cotton candy snow

Laid before as on the road I go

Petals underfoot paint a pretty path

Alternate universe reality projects

Intersections unknown on any map

Lost in cardinal directions without GPS

In a city that’s home wherever the pin

Going around and around again

Around and around and around again

Rose colored toes in the rain I spin

Disoriented in a world that transcends

Around and around I go again


~ Em C.

*Photograph my own.


Giants by the Sea

Giants by the sea
     sitting reverently

Two gazes called
     ‘cross ocean deep

To distant rock giants 
     carving razor edge

Capped by cotton collar
     oncoming night’s bed

Currents carry love afar
     creatures whisper notes

Messages largely unheard
     by walking shore bound folks

Time stops a moment
     breeze speaks sun’s secrets

Giants sniff salty air
     no words necessary

~ Em C.



I couldn’t resist taking some photos from my viewpoint of a man and his Great Dane enjoying the sunset together.

The way the dog was happily observing people, the birds and who knows, maybe even the ocean and sunset, too…was entirely sweet to observe. And the love of his human…if only we could all love one another so purely.

A giant creature, and his giant human. A beautiful moment.

Dead Skin

curling like the dead skin

collaring young birch

tempered by the cold wind

frozen earth’s church

whistle through the branches

listen for blank tune

cover ears with fabric

deny near spirits’ turn

baring headwinds’ anger

weighted with despair

gravel whittles bones

bare feet bleeding far

~ Em



*Photo by me.

The Gods Know I’m Coming

black and white naturally
stacked in mirrored mortality

no escape up above
down below opens wide

the gods know I’m coming

forever at the shore’s edge
flirting with the tide

dancing on the surface
ducks mock my human stride

the gods know I’m dying

always the eager greeter
the water opens up

never a locked entry
step into the watery brine

the gods know I’m trying

to see how far down it goes
ripples run fun house illusion

hands of lotus grab at toes
rendered helpless

down I go

~ Em


*Photo by me