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The next topic for collaboration by The Strix is “Authentic.” Lots of ways to go with this one, as you will see below.  Enjoy the mix.



~ The Only You ~

Give me your bold truth

show me your whole face

reveal me your entire heart

peel back your camouflaged layers

tell me your past, your past’s past

feed me your version of facts

open up your naked soul raw

read me no narratives false

underneath the molded mask

lifetimes of crevices and cracks

tears left miles of salty marks

but so did smiles with their spark

creased by giggles, laced with love

every line I kiss, every line adored

authentically you

the only


I want

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


~ Das eigene Haus – Your Own Home; street photography Berlin, 2016 ~ 

The meaning of art is slightly different in art than for instance what it means in philosophy. Everything I do is authentic, because it was me who did it. Therefore, all I create is authentic. The photograph I choose for this topic reflects what is, to me, authentic in society nowadays.

I took this photo last summer and it has disturbed me ever since. It shows an impromptu homeless camp under a bridge. The thing is, as sad as it is, that´s not what disturbed me. What did, was the poster that had been recently been added to the wall, although this is a well-known place for the homeless since it´s in good area in the city and thus a bit safer than others. 

The poster titles: “Das eigene Haus” – “Your own Home” – an advertisement for an exhibition about housebuilding. I´m still speechless at the thoughtlessness that made those men put it up there… That´s how society is nowadays: the poor and the rich side by side, with the latter mocking the former. That´s what is authentic in society in my mind…

~ Sarah

~ from Art Expedition


~ False Or Copy ~

“False or copied?”


“Fake or floppy?”


“Genuine and real?”


“Came from the original seal?”


Authentic antique, my soul is,

Supported by unquestionable evidence,

That is how it goes, that is how it is,

The soul does not lie, it is full of elegance.

I…….it represents its own nature,

A belief that can only be comprehended by me.

To show virtue is to see a little feature

Of what is like to be me.

So you continue asking:

“False or copied, floppy or fake?”

And all I say is “NO, NO and NO” till you see me in my casket.

I almost break,

Just to be like everyone else, but now…….now I just remember the ache.

So I say “Yes to genuine,

Yes to real and yes to my authenticity”

That’s the sign for me to shine,

Indeed, complexity full of simplicity.

~ M. O.

~ from EmotionsOfLife


In a world, in which even leaders are turning to manufactured evidence and try to sell that to us for the truth and/or try to convince us the truth is fake, I really feel we should address the importance of authenticity.

Why is it, we feel we can’t be ourselves any longer; we became scared to be authentic?

The color of your skin, your gender, your sexual preference, being rich or poor should not hold you back in being you. Whatever may have happened to you in the past, or has been inflicted upon you; don’t let it hold you back either, to pursue your dreams. Don’t let anyone convince you, you are unworthy: we ALL matter.

The journey you take usually is more important than the goal you try to achieve, however sometimes the goal itself outshines the path we walk on.

Please, don’t turn away from news-stories, because you are sick of hearing the painful truth about what is happening in our world. It is your world too. Maybe you think what happens for instance in the USA or in Africa doesn’t affect you directly: think again. The world just seems big, it really isn’t.

Reach out to, stand tall together with, support, fight in a non-violent way with, your neighbor at this earth. Listen to each other’s stories, help when asked for, so we all can feel whole again.

As soon as we stop being authentic, stop telling and sharing our real stories and true feelings, authenticity will be lost in shallowness.

~ Patty W.

~ from Mimosa Pudica



Expressions Crossing Continents



Topic by Patty
Featured Image by Sarah
Logo by AlpeJohn 



I Fail

I am real

I don’t pretend

I bleed red

I cry salt

I feel deep

I lose sleep

I love free

I fight hard

I fall to ground

I fail

I try

I fail

~ Emily Clapper


House of Mirrors, or The Truth of Real

enter that house of mirrors
glass facades, hidden selves
turning corners, hitting walls
darkness seeds illusion
light reflects flaws
falsity flows with cause
a maze of you and me
only two real, here to see
hundreds more projected
what we want to see
who we want to be
none of which exists
but in our minds’ eyes
turn on the lights
smash the glass

we find each other
grasp and clasp
at hands that feel

the truth of real


~ by Emily Clapper



Love Me Imperfect

Love me imperfect

as if I were perfect

my flaws birthmarked

stories you trace

with your fingers

smooth along grooves

in my skin, in my heart,

in my soul, in my spirit

within, pausing to ponder

how I can still be so perfect

and imperfectly me

just as I am

~ Emily Clapper



The Illusionist

Your slick routine, polished to a shine
your lines practiced to a raucous rhyme
stage lights, you crave, the brighter better
to deceive your eager audience to the letter

Green-room make-up, caked to fake-up
your inauthentic personality of being
everything other than who you are
facade of fallacy…only truth of your heart

Your mirrored gaze your only love,
memorizing mimicry, mouthing half-truths
a quirky wry smile, a contorted snarl, a jeer
but nothing natural, contrived emotions leer

Your victims await, seated with breath bated
enchanted by your gloriously charming act
promises sweetened with aspartame lies
as empty and hollow as house with termites

One by one, the cult follows the Kool-aid curse
insatiably guzzling neon-dyed liquid in verse
dazzle of demeanor, sleight of slippery hand
Loki-like mischievous malice, devilish dance

I see you for who you are, you cannot fool me
may have learned the hard way, stripped of glee
your polish tarnished, your face waxed mannequin
your mouth a dummy, mind wired for callous sin

Disenchanted, magic gone, nothing convincing
no chance to right all the wrongs, beyond saving
you’ve made your bed out of women destroyed
but I have come out stronger, smarter,

a bullet-proofed heart


“The Illusionist” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud


~ by Emily Clapper