Tears Don’t Fall

Tears don’t fall

In outer space

They stay pooled

Against one’s face

I will fly there

To seek escape

Gather saline

In a jar…

But I dare say:

It won’t be large

Enough for tears

I’ll expect to cry

For my fate, when

I realize just

How far away

I had to soar

To see me…free

A specimen

You kept

Wings clipped

Habitat restricted

In form and function

Pinned to your bulletin board

Studied and displayed

Until one day

I broke the glass

With a scream

Echoing into

My future dream

In a cold vacuum

Unreachable by all

Save for my own heart

And a salty mason jar

~ Emily C.



The Watchers

Russian, on the trails.
In the fields, Spanish
To my right. German
To my left. Somewhere
Else, unintelligible due
To distance and the wind
Distorting vowels
And consonants into rolling
Rumbles. My ears
Receive it all, like
Symphonic speech,

A baby’s wail,

The Universal language
Of all humanity.
An immigrant carries
A backpack cooler
To a family picnic,
It is covered in
Stars and Stripes.

None of us are American.

The train carrying mysteries
To the Canadian border,
Rumbles under the pedestrian
Bridge. It blows its horn
Like a wave hello
To the watchers. They stand
Peering through the chain link
Holes, like fish coming up
For air, lips pushing through
Fence, eyes keenly zeroing.
The rush.
Then gone.
Back to beach. To rocks.
To shells buried, cracked,
Dead, still alive.
Mountains watch us,
Their peaks sentries. Guarded.
Guarding the open sea, a
Partition between our hearts
And the vastness they know
Our limited consciousness
May not be able to see.
See but not see.
None of us are what
The other believes.

We are each other.
English now. Italian.


Emily C.


Layers ~ collab with Wet Bliss

When you look in the mirror do you like what you see
Or do you avoid your reflection all-together like me
Knowing you can’t face realities’ deeper inspections
And I’m not talking about a clearer complexion

Layers behind rough cut glass edge hold fear
What at once is glazed over becomes glaringly clear
Scrub the surface but nothing much changes within
In order to find soul’s blemishes, gaze under that skin

Come now bring the magnification near, my dear
There’s nothing to fear, if you’re willing to hear
Your innermost thoughts and needs without regrets
To address what’s missing and learn self-respect

In order to heal you have to allow yourself to feel
True happiness is a part of deal that you can’t simply steal
Peel that mask and dust the lashes, clear way for sight
And see…you are beautiful in all your imperfect vulnerability


~ Wet Bliss & Poet Girl Em (in italics)



Thank you to Wet Bliss for offering to collab a while back! It was at the start of my labyrinthitis struggles so it got stalled, but this is one of two poems we have to share with you. Bliss tossed out some powerful suggestions that resonate with self-confidence, authenticity and vulnerability.  We hope you enjoy them!

And do check her page out! She is a lovely human and a wonderful poetess!