The Rock in the River

Stroll along the river’s edge
sun-speckled shoreline
trees overhead
roiling raging rapids
swirling storms
down the meandering
river, chaos is the norm

But where there is chaos
look for peace
look for that place
where nothing is phased
not by whirlpool
not by current
not by splash
nor fervent

And you will see
the rock in the river…

There I will be.

~ E



Paper Fan

wind blows


like a paper fan

against my cheek

dappled sun

speaks my soul

drops of spirit

splotch the ground

a robin yonder

carries lunch

his worm squirms

click my picture

moment captured

while mine go on

stillness in sway

rolling day

steadiness at bay

gentle world


an ocean

in me

~ Emily Clapper


Black Hole Sun

This one is dedicated to Anthony, who doesn’t know it yet. But, tough, he gets a song anyway. 🙂

Also, dedicated to any rock/metal fans, or just music fans.

Inspired to do some harmonium Seattle grunge style, Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. Born and raised in Seattle during the rise of grunge like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, etc, saw Soundgarden live in their prime.  They are named after the Soundgarden art sculpture in Magnuson Park here in Seattle, that is composed of pipes that make music when the wind blows.

I had to truly transpose this because for some reason all the chords online were off from the original song. It’s a tough song, chord-wise, unique and complex, as well for the voice.

It’s not perfect, because this is only the third run-through, and because I’m not, but I hope you enjoy…

P.S. The fuzzy thing on my lap is a fuzzy pussy, but it’s not mine, it’s my cat. 🙂