The Invisible Tide

stepping stone stars

hopping to and from

chasing ‘round Mars

bottling the sun
charting swirling galaxies

mapping all the dark

spreading out our blanket

picnicking on rock
eye spy long lost births

a blink erases time

dust writes ancient messages

on sky’s canvas framed by night
only hearing heartbeat

deafening cold vacuum

reading a language we created

scrawled in red sand dunes
kiss the sunrise with me

savor moon’s dessert

burrow in alien mountains

run with me through cosmos
never turning back

better on the outside

unchained from the moor

sailing the invisible tide

~ Em C.



No Answer

darkness rumbles in distant realms.

inner ear hears mountains moans.

taking steps on trampoline floor,

shaking when the wind shifts core.

thrown to the abyss against my wish…

…these walls have been carved before

their messages clear and clearly old,

alone I fall amongst long lost,

my screams only heard by sediment;

it crumbles in my turbulent wake,

but all I feel is my own cold breath,

exhaling gales in earth-scoring notes,

writing my story read by none,

except the stars when entropy wins,

when all returns to nothingness.

why does life matter?

I ask whom exactly?

no answer comes back.

all is black.

~ Emily C.


Skipping Stars

Skipping stars on your black hole ocean

I dig my toes into sands of time

ripples in the fabric, dark matter fantastic

lost along this exquisite shoreline

We could play in these alien worlds afar

forever, forever gazing toward darkened zones

just take my shaking hand, my love

orate our ancient home’s storied tomes

Step by step, we jump asteroid to asteroid

evading age as our laughter echoes

inside our heads — as silence swallows sound

the world recedes…just another galaxy we know

You catch me on Saturn’s rings, afloat

breaking pebbled pattern, orbits altered

our circles merge in love’s gravity game 

— two hearts in one heartbeat patters

Skip your stars on our black hole ocean

lay me here on web of cosmic cloth

your ultraviolet heat I need deep within me

unleash your universe

into my secret path



~ Em C.



dissecting earth
into vanishing patterns
geometric footsteps
etch hexagons
into slipping crust
wading groin deep
in labradorite cracks
iridescent shimmer shines
blues and greens
like your eyes
that eye the sky
wondering is it your next
unexplored terrain
untethered domain
every star
a city
every map pin
is home

the compass
it misguides the guide
what lies outside
must be found
first inside
close your mind
stop time
stop predicting
breathe and point
you will find
what you need awaits
in unknown formations
where you need
you won’t know
until your feet land
until your wings

~ Em C.



Awoke this morning
wishing I was your sun,
rising over your face,
rays caressing your skin

To be one single photon,
unrivaled happiness
encountering your flesh,
absorbed in warm bliss

How lucky that light
to enter your eyes
grace you with vision
color your world bright

To be the reason
you open your eyes,
take a deep breath
and let out a sigh,

I would travel time
from my star afar
dimensions irrelevent,
through your window
I would fly

~ Em C.



In Stars

Swirling distant
we stare with insistence
of knowing our purpose
upon earth’s crust
beyond stratospheric limits
universe persists
in birthing new versions of home
perfect combination
of elements yet to be found
to replicate our host,
this colorful marble of life
one of innumerable planets
circling galaxies of light

Our Milky Way, often ignored,
continues its spin
humans oblivious
to the black hole within
or that Andromeda
will someday collide at our side
merging with us
in one gigantic galactic surprise
who knows what will be brought to life
a celestial brew
of stardust and destruction
to give rise to a new whirlpool behemoth

To be a Starwoman or man,
on a rocket ship safe
to spy on creation
in beautiful unruly space
to chart the new map,
to explore the new worlds
we can only imagine that day, if humans exist…
but for now let our eyes wander
in telescopes’ view
at the wonder of our chaotic here and now

and admire that indeed, we, ourselves…


stars in

stars in



~ Emily Clapper




Poem request for “galaxy” by Rashmi at Mind and Life Matters!  Aaaah, well, I love anything science and universe-based and so I am always a happy girl to write about this kind of topic. I could probably write several on galaxies alone, but this is what came out of my head today. I hope you like it, Rashmi! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

Syzygy ~ A Duet

Chaos is an equation,
thus orderly.
Love is a memory,

Spacetime is a conundrum
Existence is futile,
yet, necessary.

We abdicate our lives
to this false God,
not the one in “Heaven”,
but the one in our Head.

Inner voices distorted
following blind, yet
Fate directs us forward,
our illusion of control.

This same control we postulate
of a miniscule and meaningless
atom hurtling through immeasurable space,
yet we are selfish enough to call this a home.

Our attempt to dominate delusional
in a universe of beautiful syzygy
caught between sun and moon beams
our hearts ride earth…wayward passengers

from home
to a hint of hope.


~ By Static and Emily Clapper (in italics)



Sweet Static of We Are The Sondering came to me and asked about a collab and her idea of “syzygy” was an intriguing one. I followed her lead and this bit of metaphysics popped out of our brains! Thanks, S, for the chance to work with you! I hope we can write again sometime.