She drifts like the snow

flakes falling soft, aloft

each one an abandoned thought

released from her heaven

piling up non-stop

lulling her to dreamless sleep

in an endless winter

where nights are days

and suns are moons

where love is to lose

and to lose is to have lived

all pleasure is pain

and promises are lies in disguise

she counts them as they descend

…peacefully closes her eyes

~ Emily C.



For All Beauty Is Violent

Some see only black

in the cosmos

I see nothing but stars


in death throes 

for all beauty is violent

creation / destruction

yin / yang

birth / death

pulse / flatline

yeses / nos

I bide my time

until the cold sleep

I’ll float deep

and so fucking far,

you’ll think I’m a star

you’ll name me yours,

of course, 

never mind my feelings.

make a wish

blow a kiss…?

kiss me goodbye then

for my chain is cut

by my own heart

free, watch me fly

just a lone speck 

of elusive dark energy


the expansion

of the universe


~ Em C


Bad Dream

Why sleep, I wonder…
when the nightmare
exists day or night
eyes open, eyes closed

same difference
in my mind

I don’t want to sleep
if it means I have to wake
to the same realization


a hell on earth
a raw shock
that I, again,
must discover
it wasn’t

just a
bad dream

~ Emily Clapper

Star of the South

Climb in bed
tuck cool sheets
around tired head
stretch your legs
long, curl up tight
let out a yawn
along tender night’s
warm air, drifting
o’er your fair face

my words

you melt
deeper into downy
those weary eyes
fall heavy
as my lullabies
soothe your cares

is done
time moves on
tomorrow brings
brand new
things to love


my star of the south



~ Emily Clapper


Tick Tock

Darkness descending
eyes wide open
circadian rhythm disrupt
night takes over day takes over night

the clock mocks me

makes me insane with its precision
its persistent pattern of punctuality
tracking the earth’s teasing turn
drifting toward edge of sanity

mind rolls along

where thoughts collide in confusion
in muddled waking nightmares
reliving loves and lives past
tortured over present

future looms like heavy fog

stripping down to bones and skin
heated by restless tossing
kick the sheets off, stare blank
the ceiling hallucinating scenes

torturing my mind

the thin line between here and there
reality and dream, dimensions merge
somewhere in the netherworlds
dancing with ghosts I’ve seen

alive in life, and in death

I see myself amongst them
carried over the edge







morning of day awaits

but morning of night

…it never left.

~ by Emily Clapper



Poem topic: “Insomnia” as requested by Anthony in my post asking for open topic suggestions! Thanks, Anthony! I’ve been to this place many times, as you can tell. 🙂


Cabin Bed, A Poem~Live From NY

9pm, glazing eyes
nodding head
sounds drift by
my cabin bed
Swedish words
pass through my ears
I understand them, perk up
to hear, I wonder…
am I awake, am I asleep
the warmth consumes,
envelops me, in this,
The Bowery House, a dorm
of souls that travel in from
far away, lands I hope
to see one day, but here
in New York, I wonder…
can I take this exhausted
self for one…more…memory
tonight, a slice of NY’s finest,
a hole in the wall on Prince St
open late with doughy, cheesy fate
and crispy edged pepperoni
just so close around the corner
feet are swollen, breathing heavy
even this girl is not sure she can
bring herself to, unless caffeine,
unless ice to feet, unless she
is willing to give up more sleep…


To be continued….