We, Ourselves

Found you hiding in my box of memories
like you never left me black and blue

your voice as clear as the day
you said goodbye

laugh as warm as our flirtation
the never-were childhood sweethearts
a past we wanted, framed imagination

I held it in my shaking hands
broken into pieces of dead dreams

that yellowed over time
our story’s type fading
you see,

…that was always the problem

with writing ahead

of one
l e t t e r
at a time

we decided the ending before we began

we wrote ourselves a lie
that…my god,
could have been truth

but only if we




~ Em C.


Quantum Souls

Spooky action at a distance,
Einstein called it,
a quantum particle
in two places at the same time

Quantum entanglement
he thought impossible
but he was wrong…
they proved him so

Our quantum souls
make the clear case
twin flames firing
in serendipitous sync

Oceans vastly apart
miles of water away
in every possible way
distant we stay

But I am there
this moment in time
moving space
around you so

That when my heart beats
it beats inside yours
when I breathe
your lungs inhale

When I cry
your tears will fall
and if I sob
your chest will heave

If I say I love you
you will mouth it back
to me, instantaneously
we will rhyme in time

Our quantum souls
rippling spirits one in same
proving Einstein wrong

faster than the speed of light

we unite

~ Emily C.


Rang Dead

I wait just inside the cemetery gate
a lifetime short and a day too late
the mist rolls over unshorn green
that crawls in waves, spirits unseen

Your name freshly carved in script
on a tombstone glittering granite
I trace cold rock with my warm lips
wishing to drink you in ethereal sips

But dry as the bones of your body
this crypt is nothing but empty
like my heart that leaked all its heat
with each pulse of your slashed veins

No amount of my love was enough
to stop you from ending yourself
I could not fix your chronic pain
nor save you from your own disdain

If you only believed me, my love
if you only believed in your worth
all too evident in my green eyes
you could not convince me otherwise

As the crows perch with knowing
on the treetops under sky snowing
I sang to you our song in blue notes
that rang dead in the moonless night

~ E



Awoke this morning
wishing I was your sun,
rising over your face,
rays caressing your skin

To be one single photon,
unrivaled happiness
encountering your flesh,
absorbed in warm bliss

How lucky that light
to enter your eyes
grace you with vision
color your world bright

To be the reason
you open your eyes,
take a deep breath
and let out a sigh,

I would travel time
from my star afar
dimensions irrelevent,
through your window
I would fly

~ Em C.



Origami Heart

Strung high on crystalline lines
along the heavens’ reach of sky
origami hearts folded with love
crisply dangle over land above

like prayer flags of the soaring soul
gently move when the winds blow
of passion amongst the air we breathe
a sigh or gasp can set them free

the soft brush of paper on paper
as the fragile hearts touch each other
like laundry on a warm spring day
out to dry the salty tears away

over time the hearts fade red to pink
splotched by raindrops from angels’ eyes
frayed at the edges from blustery days
and torn right in half by love gone astray

mine hangs on by a dainty thread
too much wind has made it dead
to fall with haste its deepest wish

to disintegrate until last fiber of me

~ EC






night is drifting darkness

world around in listlessness

souls stirring from paralysis

bodies melting in catharsis

time deluding senselessness

universe expanding limitless

minuscule moments meaningless

having you with me, fearless

speak to me in kisses

lips on lips in missives

lavish me with caresses

spell my name with roses

stare me into weakness

call me things of sweetness

pin me down near helpless

willingly your muse selfless

wrestle me until motionless

suck my skin into redness

thrust your sin into wetness

take me deep into my vastness

lust after my core relentless

swell my portal on your hardness

make me yours in timelessness

fuck me like we’re tomorrow-less

take me to the brink of oneness

let me cum with freeing wildness

taking in your cum with wholeness

together we collapse in blissfulness

your scent I’ll carry, our completeness

your heart I’ll hold in foreverness

universe expands limitless

turning today into tomorrow futureless

at the whim of fancy, we’re powerless

we will love each other,



~ EC