Another Red Sun

another red sun
another night sky
another day gone by

without you

another gasp for clean air
another grasp for you here
another pass at a chance

with you

another tomorrow became today
another scream inside my head
another mistake made

beside you

another wish dies on wind
another kiss left hanging
another you left me

bleeding heavy

another us never happens
another we is in the past
another time sought fleeing



~ Emily C.



Last Sound

Sun is at my back
my shadow long
grass is tall
I’ve lost the ocean
I’ve lost my sea

Sun is setting
it’s all I can see
it’s all I can feel

My shadow blows
on bending reeds
forever pointing
ninety degrees
east of me
away from me

I’ve lost my ocean
I’ve lost the sea
life is sinking
dark is all I see
dark is all I feel

Sun drifts down
behind my back
forgetting my name
I scream “I am here”
I scream

sun returns to cave

My feet walk onward
following those reeds
following those reeds
who know more than me
point me some direction
any but back
any but back
any but back

Did you know
train tracks whistle
before the train arrives
the last sound heard

warning no one
in time

~ Emily C.


Murder by Light

I let the sun in.

when drapes parted,

a smile born.

cacophony of spring


then, thunk

feathers flutter

bits of dirt stain

glass mirage

of endless flight,



in the yard

an injured, no, no.

a dead bird.

I killed him.


by light.

drapes close




~ Em C.



The sun is her lover

He comes for the dark

She beckons with red

She reckons she’s dead

He tells her in wavelengths

Her life is worth diamonds

He tells her in photons

Her heart is a fierce lion

~ Em C.



Here’s my vulnerability: I rarely wear my hair down. And I rarely wear red lipstick. In part because my lips are so big (yes, they are all natural), that it’s all people see when I do wear it. So, I have to plan accordingly, wisely, save it for times I don’t mind being seen. A lot of times, I don’t want to be seen. So I guess, here I am opening up to you and my quirks.

And the sun, the glorious sun is shining. I have to strengthen my smile muscles after a year of shit.

Shadow Doll


When the light breaks to play
casting shadows it does portray
lines and curves and profiles
of a doll against her wall

what does she do but dance
a little, strike a post in time
capture her youth before
it dies its death of her

so still
becomes the breath
so naked
becomes the flesh
portfolio blushes in shades
of gray on a sunny Seattle day

~ Em C.

Photograph: of me, belongs to me. No filter. May not be used or copied without permission (yes, this has happened to me recently).

I was struck one summer day some years ago when the sun broke through and lit the wall a golden hue. I stripped down to nothing and took a series of shadow poses. I stumbled across this one today and the memory came back.


Dark cannot consume,
light undying finds a way.
Reflecting rebellion arcs
off melancholy silver waves.

Like the child with a flashlight,
under nighttime tent of sheets,
illuminating truth and secrets
— all is bright underneath.

Tuck me into bed, my dying sun,
pull the down over my blue skies,
whisper me conch shell lullabies
— I leave the light on, sleep defied.

And when the seaside train awakes
and dawn, with hope, hazily breaks…

I’ll be telling stories of darkness
undermined by sunset’s grace.

~ EC


(*Photo by me. No filter. 1.27.17, Seattle)

You Are, I Am

(photo credit: Emily C., Carkeek Beach, Seattle, 6.20.16)

If you are the sun, I am the open leaf
If you are the open leaf, I am the raindrop
If you are the raindrop, I am dry soil
If you are dry soil, I am the stubborn daisy
If you are the daisy, I am the field

If you are the moon, I am the telescope
If you are the telescope, I am your galaxy
If you are the galaxy, I am the satellite
If you are the satellite, I am ground control
If you are ground control, I am the astronaut

If you are the wind, I am the windmill
If you are the windmill, I am the farm
If you are the farm, I am the farmer
If you are the farmer, I am your crop
If you are the crop, I am your scarecrow

If you are the ocean wave, I am your beach
If you are the beach, I am toes in your sand
If you are the sand, I am the sand castle
If you are the sand castle, I am the moat
If you are the moat, I am the drawbridge

If you are the fire’s ember, I am the oxygen
If you are the oxygen, I am the match
If you are the match, I am your kindling
If you are the kindling, I am your hearth
If you are the hearth, I am a thawing heart

~ EC