Standing on Emerald city’s edge
rainbow curtain above my head
taking long breaths in…
I lose my balance
I have forgotten my ground
my toes grip granite in vain

your voice my invisible net
saves me from inevitable death
— your voice, oh, that voice
heard now in the call of the gull
the whisper of a sail
echoing on the wings of wind
that tickles my skin deep to spirit

swaying, I flail
failing to trust in life, in love
but there you are again
catching me at sunset
rocking me still
singing me filled

there you are one more time
catching me in song
until the stars light the sky
like clockwork revealing
your diamond soul etched high

the night won’t say goodbye
even if you are only
as tangible as rolling tide
as graspable as fleeting air
as permanent as a passing cloud
flirting at the firmament

Saved by your song,
I’ll be here all night
to witness your flight
your last soundcheck
your final finale:
behind the rainbow
you bow

the city will applaud
in the wake of the bay


~ Emily C.



*Friday’s sunset in Seattle. Photography by Sigma Sreedharan Photography.


Again, dancers

Again, the doors parted. Again, dancers.

The courtyard overgrown, the music a buzz of ambient energy, 
equalized for optimal balance. 

Bass vibrated the soul of my feet, stirred the sole of my being.

I felt the air of a thousand exhales expire my lungs, 
replaced by the sweet anticipation of new air for this audience of one. 

A flower of bodies gilded in golden gowns 
with black embroidery, spun in a circle 
under a twilight sky of summer peach and berry blue,
just for me. 

Taking turns as they turn, they arch 
— dark-haired beauty revolved around my heart — 
their eyes using me as their single reference point. 

I felt my face light, rapt by the seduction. 
Hands holding the doors wide open,
leaning chest first, one foot in 

— my witness to their blooming, 
a moment of stillness meeting 
a moment of movement.

I am in my own concrete courtyard now. 
Alone — save the ivy, the arches, the ruins.  

This time,
I am dancing.  

~ Em C.



This was a dream I had last night. Second dancing “voyeur” dream I’ve had this year. The other I wrote about here.

Not sure what my subconscious is telling me. But I felt free in this dream…


Morning brought sharp shadows
across peaked Olympic heights

Sunset slivers boughs of fir
peachy alpenglow mountains’ show

Gulls gliding their widened wings
cold waves’ crests nighttime brings

In a galaxy that spins, earth spins,
just a supermassive black hole dance

Light is an illusion drawn by chance
all in our perspective, our outward glance

An hour more, an hour less perhaps
we see nothing but darkness

And the other side, light

~ EC



The sunset burned the sky in a blaze of heat
and in retreat, it left
diamonds scattered in the sea,

I tried to catch one for you
but I drown
and as I sunk
I looked up

The water surface was speckled
with floating constellations
each one I could identify
even the star I had named
after you

The only one staying afloat
long enough
to watch me

~ E


When The Sun Sets

how can I forget you

when the sun
sets every night?

how can I forget you

when the moon
speaks your rhyme?

how can I forget you

when my pulse
beats your name?

how can I forget you

when each breath
is one more alone?

how can I forget you

when I see you
in memories everywhere?

how can I forget you

when every song
I want to sing for you?

how can I forget you

when I don’t ever
want to forget?

~ Emily Clapper