agile night dances 
the tango in ether
under meteor lit skies
raining fire

anticipating shock
that never comes
holding breath
till blue to bone

awake, asleep
flickering screen
heavy lids
betray reality

that i cannot tell
puts me at ease
that it feels real
makes it so

my heart rises
with the dawn
scorched earth retreats
leaves fertile land

my heart rises
avert your gaze
it burns as hot as
a million meteor flares

~ Emily C.



What Messages

what messages the sky writes,
how we often ignore,
how they linger up above,
how far — how far we blindly go

before we tilt up downcast chins,
only awaken in raining verse?
when everything else dissolves;
when nothingness — the only force.

adrift in blackened matter,
calligraphic tomes stars etch
in speckled comet tails, we sputter,
ashore, we run our forlorn hearts

when all space becomes horizon,
stories told fall to scattered dust,
as fire burns to moon sand
and oxygen breathed expires.

what message the sky writes,
how quickly we seek to forget?
how now to fall awake asleep,
oh how we dream until death.


~ Emily C.



Raindrop ticks like a clock
Regular in its rooftop beat
Gently tocking seconds drip
Marking time as eyes drift to sleep

In morning light the day will wake
And so dissipate sound sleepers’ dreams
The liquid hands tomorrow will brake
Leaving less to signal night’s sly return

To wind the sky in tightened coil
Or rather assign the moon timekeeper
Who are we to command rainless skies
But entranced subjects of her tidal pull

~ Emily C.


Unknown Worlds

plane in the night sky

travels across spinning time

darker than eclipsed moon

velvet heaven black night

humming otherworldly tune

soothes the wanderer here

hitchhiking spirit jumps

a ride to another sphere

bats awake in noir air stir

seeing more than human

cat eyes glow green shimmer

stalking midnight snack

maps drawn and marked

land and animals know no lines

just earth’s terminator blurred

by curvature undefined

somewhere plane descends

some escaping or returning

some smile, some will cry

when feet hit cold hard dirt

this tuned ear travels

with every metal bird

flying heart away

to distant unknown worlds

~ Emily C.



a love atmospheric
a loss catastrophic
high ride to sky
fast dive to die
he rose me

he rose me
above all others
on a back strong I flew
below brown earth
rusted heart fell

a love atmospheric
a loss catastrophic
high ride to sky
fast dive to die
he rose me

he rose me
buoyed on sweet words
cut down by bloody swords
downed as injured bird
swoon to free fall

a love atmospheric
a life entropic
built up to stars
steep descent to hell

he rose me

to fell me

~ Emily C.


Skipping Stars

standing at shoreline of cosmos’ ocean
skipping stars
skipping stars like diamonds
skipping stars like diamonds in a cup of black tea
reading floating leaves that Venus pours us
predicting how tomorrow’s constellations may shine
ruminating on why it hurts
ruminating on why it hurts to see rising sun 
finding solace in moon the forgotten guide
dipping broken
dipping broken toes
dipping broken toes in swirling black holes
wondering whether to stay or to succumb
deepening gaze on shimmering stellar haze
tossing another star
tossing another star to gamble the game
forgetting why this very here and very now
remembering you
remembering your echo
remembering your echoing
remembering your echoing name
remembering your echoing
remembering your echo
remembering you

standing at shoreline
standing at shoreline of cosmos’ ocean
standing at shoreline

~ Emily C.