I am the Hummingbird

I am the hummingbird
on the wind flying
in all directions

despite gravity
laws of physics.

my wings confound
deciphering brains
taking notes.

hovering by sugar water offered;
dextrous, I zip…
you watch, whispering your wish

to be free like me,
never pinned in holes in trees.
quick change reverse,

invisible swerves
too fast to see
…that’s me.

they will study and compute;
I will dart and flip,
and reverse fly

at a clip
not seen with naked eye.
I will only

let you see me
on my terms,


~ Emily C.





That dead angel with the dark wings
perched high above sunken land
feathers too heavy to carry now

done with it,
done with it all

The moon hung heavy like her heart
the stars twinkled pasts no more
long ago, yet just a moment ago

she gave it all up
gave it up to dark

They twitch, her wings
as if they know that’s it
that they have flown their last flight

rustle in the night
they rustle restless

in the night

~ E


Dark Wings

your dark wings
calm my stormy seas
their heavy beats
hushing my fears

your scarred soul
saves a small spot for mine
its reinforcement strong
cradling my shudders

your rare smile
shoots lightning igniting me
the way it shocks
my core with light

your tender words
take my pain away
how you make me believe
it will all be okay

your gentle side
masked by past
still there, speaking
hoping, believing

your camouflaged heart
hides from view

but I
spy it

for mine
is right there
with you

~ E



Away From Here

stripped down to bare bones
a house, a home
fourteen years grown
a lifetime bloomed

tear it down
throw it out
burn the past
shaken up

dusted memories
torn pictures
lit up and tossed

make it gone


go away
from here

If only I could keep going
past a new start
into a new part
of the universe

where free flying
angels reside

I’ll bring my wings
my singing

and soar


the stars


~ E




Flightless Bird

On the sound of silken wings,
the wind plays its placid soul
a bird alight on my garden fence
catching my ear, captively held
my attention on delicate you
for a split second you lightly land
cock your curious head, ask me
questions with your flitting eyes
tiny feet perched on my heart
chirping your spirit, off you dart
I felt my body slightly lift to fly
off the ground, a moment denied
for while my soul gladly followed
soared on your feathers
sang with your song

I am merely

a flightless bird

wanting to follow along


~ Emily Clapper





what I wouldn’t give
to be held in your arms

told it will be all right
loved long into night

that even though
the ground is gone

you’ve caught me
in widespread wings

carried me far above
crumbling disintegration

of my lackluster life,
away from endless strife

toward better
brighter light beyond

so, my love…

if I call
will you

if I fall

will you

catch me?

~ Emily Clapper